Monday, May 18, 2009

a happy and fun day!

okay, i'm thrilled!

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click down there on the picture

yup, that's me and my winning entry on Miu's Giveback Blog Anniversary Contest!

win 1st prize!
:D :D

winning prizes are :
2 x tickets to Monsters VS Aliens preview screening
1 x Stila pink tin can
1 x Stila lipglaze? (it's a suprise, but sounds like a lipglaze)

yayy!! thank you miu!

just a few hours before I learned that I won the contest, I was out with my girlfriend, Ely, doing what we called.......... Stila Hunting Day Out.

I went to Pavilion first to picked up the lipglaze in grapefruit for a friend. I reserved 3 items on the phone, which were the lipglaze, a lipstick which I thought was Karen, and Brown Bag which I confused with the Brown Pouch. When I arrived, I only took the lipglaze which was the only correct item I wanted, and the rest were wrong. The s/a reserved me not Karen lipstick but Carver instead and the Brown Bag is the one without Stila signature on it which was my bad for mixing it up with the Brown Pouch.

Of course, once you reached the Stila counter, there would be even tiny little thing that you wanted to take home with. Well, in my case, I was looking for a concealer for my eyes. The one that I got from M.A.C 2 years ago had finally finished, and same goes with my Benefit Lyin Eyes concealer.

Finally I picked Stila perfecting foundation in shade e to do the job of concealing my dark circles. S/a said the foundation is good to cover up dark circles. I have never owned a concealer brush and yes I was looking for it too, lucky for me, Stila Pavilion got it. Although I thought RM24 was a bit pricey for a brush, I took it anywhere, cause I know, price will be much higher with other brand like M.A.C, Benefit and Anna Sui.
And of course, they still have Petal Infusions Calming Eye Cream in stock. I took only one eye cream at Stila KLCC re-stocked day, and once I put it on, I've been loving it.

Ely too got herself a Stila when we went to One Utama to check on the liquid eye liner. I persuaded Ely to try the lipstick and found her the perfect colour, Sarah ;)
Too bad I couldn't find the liquid eye liner that my friend ordered from me. Does anyone want to let go theirs?

Ely and I were even thrilled when we accidently participated in the Biggest Participation In A Beauty Make-Up Event record attempt for The Malaysia Book of Records. Organised by Watson and sponsored from other brand like Clara International, Maybelline etc. It was after our late lunch that we saw the interesting event. All we had to do was to register at the registration counter, and they took our 'before' picture and showed us to the waving beautician to do the make over. We loved our looks so much after the make over! We even got ourself a mini goody bag comprising Watson and Maybeline voucher. Also a certificate of participation by Watson.

the Clara International team in charged with the make over

Maybelline product for make over

Ely on her make over session

Wah, then so proud walking at One Utama with our new look!

i think i showed too much teeth :D

Oh, almost forgot, just so you know for Stila's sake, I've been walking around at the mall with one of my sandal break off at the string! sadly, it's time for me to throw it away as I've been fixing it more than 3 times now and the string still break off :(
Maksu gave it to me when she went to Bangkok last year.

bye bye sandal

I have a couple of voucher from the Watson beauty make over that I would gladly give away as I'm not going to use it. I'll post it FOC to your address :)
1.Voir Group of Companies voucher (20% off on Voir Apparel & 50% off on Voir Homes , valid till 31 July 09)
2.Clara International Facial Treatment Voucher worth RM50, valid till 31st December)
let me know if you would like to have them.



sarah c said...

I would love to have the Clara International Facial Treatment Voucher. May I? Please and thanks =)
btw my email add's

harim hamdan said...

yup, sure.
i'll email you shortly ya.


Anonymous said...

hola harim!!ya!bastante!!!no me lo creo tu vas a hablar sobre stila...ya!!!ya!!