Sunday, May 10, 2009

go green

i always try my best to help and support recycles campaign.
these past few days were so hot even in the early morning, let alone during the night and i'm sure you know what course this right?

the rubbish everywhere causing the pollution causing the ozone layers being thin and so on and so forth. many people still haven't realize that it is not just about recycle can help us save our planet, also by cutting down the electricity we use. the Earth Hour held on March 28th was a brilliant awareness campaign. the whole world had switch off their lights for an hour and still, we survived.

it is not hard to play your part in helping the mother nature. just switch on necessary lights whenever at home. i do not switch on my bathroom light during the day when i take my bath because there is light coming from the small bathroom window.
and i always pull of the plug from it's socket whenever i switch off any electrical device like the laptop, phone charger, fan, television set and etc. this is because there is a few little percent of electricity still runs when we do not do that.

there is unbelievable growth of hyper and supermarket playing their role too in promoting the recycle campaign. Jaya Jusco, Tesco and to name a few have introduce the recycle shopping bag. but still, i saw a lot of customers using plastic bags for their purchases.
the recycle bag is affordable starting from RM3 - RM5. the bag they offer are solid and big enough to put groceries.

i have just become a member of Tesco Clubcard as we realized that Tesco is much cheaper than other major hypermarket stores. the registration is free and you got a 1 point for any RM2 items purchase. and if you bring your own shopping bag, they will reward you with points too, 2 points for Tesco recycle shopping bag, and 1 point for any shopping bag even from other competitors store like Jaya Jusco shopping bag ;D
Tesco also have this big plastic bag called Bag For Life (RM0.90) where you can reuse it over and over again, and they will give you a new Bag For Life for free if the old ones tear or spoil.yup, this one get the 2 points too.

yesterday, we used 1 Tesco The Big Green Bag cost at RM3.90 (it is so big and have bottle compartment as well) and 2 Jaya Jusco recycle bag. we had to use 1 plastic bag for our frozen items as we afraid it will melt in the bags.

recycle bag from Jaya Jusco

the bottle/can compartment is spacious enough that it can hold 2 cans at 1 compartment like this picture here, i put the sardine (big size) can under and i stacked it with the chili flakes bottle.

therefore, we are going to purchase the frozen recycle bag for us to put our frozen items next time. Tesco has it in dark blue colour with big size and Jaya Jusco has it in 3 colours including my fav pink, but it's a bit smaller than Tesco's. we'll decide later :P

i got a few of shopping bag at home..some of them are just for decoration i guess, as it covered with dust already and we shall clean it up right before hari raya when the time we do the spring clean together..ngeee...

and i love this Jaya Jusco convertible shopping bag where you can fold and put it in your usual handbag and pop it out as a shopping bag whenever you wanna use it.

as a shopping bag

fold the sides first

then fold the top and below and button up and ready to store

i sometime forget to bring my own shopping bag when i shop for groceries, therefore i learn some few stuff how to avoid it, by placing the shopping bag inside the car!

it feels so nice to realize that i actually do my bit even those little tiny things for the earth.
i might not consider myself as an environmentalist yet, but i'm going there soon.
maya karin makes it easy and why can't i...maybe next time i might bring my own container to buy nasi lemak like her :P




Anonymous said...

hehe..happy to read dat we're of the same too is very conscious abt plastic bag usage..i dun take plastic bag for small purchases e.g canned/bottled drinks,bread,mags/newspapers n mc Donalds!(coz they already overpackaged their products in boxes n paper bags) i do bring my own container for pasar malam kdg2 lupa's easy once it's a continue ur gud work n spread the awareness! btw, lovely kitchen there..hehe-angelzoe-

harim hamdan said...

wow...ur excellent..siap bawak bekas for pasar malam food!
im going there soon..huhu
nanti i'll be bringing tupper way for food..

yup, i pun kalo bende kecik2 tak amik plastic..
masuk je dlm handbag.
handbag i besar, sume bende i sumbat :D

yes, it is really nice to know ada orang jugak recycle and conscious about this matter like u.lets spread it together!

.c a t t l e y a. said...


baguslaaa harim nehhh. =P

pegi tak fj benjamin sales nanti? kali neh kak linda takleh pegi la. kalo pegi bagitau ek. mau kirimmm ;)