Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Salome E/S

more glittering effect on the left shadow colour and these colours should be more lighter

I had trouble putting on my Salome e/s duo the other day...
It was the only 2 Salome (i think) at KLCC the other day, Vina told me to take one as the colour was so special and I agreed and took it.
The base colour is peachy with glitters (the glitters are the one that made this e/s duo so special) and the other one is something brown n bronze.

And so the other day I was so excited to try on Salome e/s, hence, I applied the base colour with my Benefit fluff shadow brush. I've made a complete mess with the glitters. Instead of glittering my eye lids, the glitters fall all over my face and looked like a christmas tree!

Today I found a solution.
I applied the base colour using my Benefit shadow liner brush which has thinner and edgy end. It made my shadow stayed on the lid and not falling onto my face like snow...and to blend with the darker shadow colour, I used the fluffy brush.

Brushes are important..
It can be a good investment. My only brush set was from Benefit which I got it last year during the warehouse sale at a very affordable price. Imagine RM50 for a brush set (4 brushes) including the Betty Beauty Bag (brush bag). The only brush I got from Stila is the face concealer brush #11 which I think a total waste. I bought it because I was so gedik to try using brush to conceal my eye area. Instead I found it didn't help at all. I think I'm used to using my fingers.

I told myself that I have had enough of Stila with the last purchase of the Creme Bouquet perfume..but maybe 2 or 3 sticks of e/s brush wouldn't hurt right?


By the way, does any of you girls know how to put on the Kitten Silk e/s Wash?
I have trouble with that too :P


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jenguk2 lah ye handmade jewelry buatan akak sendiri ye