Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stila Re-stock KLCC


from left to right:
Acapulco Eye Shadow Trio
-i don't think i would use this, just adore the design..might put in on sale soon-
Lip Pots in Cerise
-for Aishah-
Cherry Crush
-the ever so famous...finally has arrive in my haul-
Lipglaze in Watermelon
for maksu-
Plumping Lipglaze in Vanilla Mint
-maksu belanja this one for getting her a customer-
Lipstick Brush
-for mama-
Lip Pots in Pecan
-meant for Aishah to pick between both lip pots, but i think she might go with cerise-
All Over Shimmer Eyes #2
-i really love this darling!at first thought it's hard to apply.not at all.i looked all set for outing in one dash-

Yup, you read it right.
Today is the Stila KLCC re-stock.

We thought it's gonna be tomorrow, or this weekend, turns out it's today.
Tammy text me telling me it's today, and I texted Vina, and it was only the four of us there before other girls passing by and waited for the stock to come down too..
Cai was about to leave for work, but decided to just wait like us :P

Lilian even so free that we even had an eyebrow trimming session by her..really nice I tell ya.
Yayy! Now my eye brow trimmed FOC at Stila counter itself!

We waited from 5pm to 8pm.
Maksu already bank in me money for a lipglaze.
I fell in love with lipglaze after I won the contest of Monsters vs Aliens at Miu's blog. I picked the Apricot lipglaze and really fell in love it.
Tasteful...Apricot flavour and the colour is really nice. I'm loving my extra gift *wink* Vanilla lipglaze too!

Therefore, today's objective was to get the Apricot lipglaze. Too bad there's none. So I just took the Vanilla Mint plumping lipglaze and the ever so famous Cherry Crush. Watermelon lipglaze for maksu and lipstick brush for mama. I have 2 other item that I'm considering to let go...let me sleep it over with and I'll decide tomorow ya.

Met a few new Stila fans at KLCC too.
One of them even had her boyfriend helping her picking up stuff and choosing suitable colours for her...I found it sweet and cool in a way.lovely lovey.

Oh I got like a few gifts by friends and family...
Can't wait to post the pictures.
I'll do it tomorow lah, right after I got off from hot shower after work (tipulah, mane got hot shower at my home) :P

sleep tight!



Okay, here's the update version from the above post.
We all loves gift right?
I do!
I have entered contest quite many times already, especially during my teenage years..I won a lot too...the best contest was the one whereI won second place in Nivea-Charlies Angel contest. I can't remember what I had to do for it, something about scrap book..I think I did that, something like a scrap book but maybe interesting one.
The prizes were sweet. An MNG voucher worth RM500, a Nivea product worth RM100 and some merchandize on Charlies Angel. I took my mom and sister to MNG Sunway Pyramid and we shared the voucher. The even best part was, the voucher can be used during sales!
Just imagine how many items we shopped that day!

After a while, I stopped at contest.
Life had been so hectic with school work. I entered a few contest but only won the consolation prize. And luck strucks me back when I won the contest at Miu's blog.

top to bottom, left to right:
The adorable Stila paperbag
2 x tickets of Monsters vs Aliens
Mini Lipglaze in Apricot (love it so much!)
Mini Lipglaze in Vanilla (this one is not the contest prize)
Stila 2007 catalogue
Stila Pink Tin Can

Heaven ;)

Sister went to Singapore for a holiday trip with her friends.
Of course I was looking forward what she got me there...and she got me a Britney Spears Curious perfume, yayy!

Apparently, the perfume in Singapore is much cheaper than here in KL.
For instance, the perfume, Curious by Britney Spears, 30ml, for only $18, converted to RM40ish..
I guess we only got that price for perfumes during warehouse sale, itupun tak semua on that price, right?
Love the packaging, fun and playful

A different two design on box, with blue and pink (ma' fav!)

Now you see it close

Now you see it open like a spaceship :P

And here is my precious...Curious, by Britney Spears. p/s:Kumar, jangan jeles tau!

And this is a birthday present from my cousins. Its a Marks and Spencer Magnolia set comprising of Shower Cream, Foaming Bath Cream, Hand and Nails Lotion and a body wash net. along with the big tin can that you can always use your toiletries container.

I wanted to blog about the Body Shop Sale but just too tired.
I got back from work at 9pm today. Went for a window shopping, oh ya, the Lancome skin analysis was taken my time after. So that's why I reached home that late.

Well, I'll just tell ya all about it tomorrow ya.

Night angels...


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