Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tomok the One In A Million

bravo Tomok!

just last night, he walked away as the winner of One In A Million competition, and received RM1 million as the grand prize.

and now, i'm blogging about this re-born singer whom i used to "hate" during his New Boys years.
Tomok had his fame a few years back with his boy band group called New Boys, comprising 4 more other members on instruments.
i remembered, New Boys was the most hated group of all among true music lovers. .despite of the group whom despise New Boys, there was still a group of teenage girls, budak-budak sekolah mostly, whom love and enjoy of every songs from New Boys..well, at least, i know some of my friends adoring New Boys back in our high school years.

everyone said that the group was a waste.
just an effort from record company to make a profit as it was the malay-boy-band-tangkap-leleh
time.not to forget the 'S' bands/groups too like Spoon, Scoin and etc.
Tomok back then, was not even a good singer. He had this sengau sound when he sang.

i haven't really followed OIAM the 3rd season but as soon as i heard people talked about how good Tomok was, i managed to watch him.
he was really good.

i was blinking my eyes a few times, thinking was that the same Tomok from New Boys. he's different,he transformed. much more sophisticated and trendy with his look, he's music change to a more fresh, hip and cool sounds, he's energy flows like mad crazy on stage, he showed Malaysian that he's serious in the competition and in the music industry.
as he said in one of the VT, "I feel like i've been re-born"
he sure did!

and last night was the climax of the show, where the grand finale took place at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam (yup, the same stadium where held the Metrojaya Warehouse sale :P)
me and mom waited with anticipation in front of our tv.
Tomok should be eliminated due to poor voting total but the new format of OIAM saved fact, Malaysian saved him as Malaysian wanted to see 3 contestant in the final.

Tomok was all out.
he sure had give us an energetic yet most touching performance with his last song and he proved to us that he deserved the RM1 million.
mom and i wasted no time when he's vote was still low.we top up our prepaid and voted for him!
i want to see him win! no others...not esther nor aweera..don't get me wrong, both contestant were good in their own way and style.but Tomok was the best of all.

a few minutes before they close the voting line, Tomok and Esther had a very close votes although Tomok was leading.
as a Malaysian and a music lover, i had played my part by voting for Tomok.he deserves the money, he's a music genious.
but looking at other season of OIAM, anything could possibly happened.even the ever so talented, Faizal Tahir didn't win.

the moment of truth arrived.and boy, we literally jumped up with joy when Tomok had been annouced as the winner.i saw his face, he couldn't believe it, almost got in tears especially when his parents came up to the stage.
just as the show started an hour ago, he had been eliminated, but who knows, he ended up to be the winner.that's a miracle and luck he had.

i'm happy of his winning.
hopefully he will do as exactly what he wants in his music career, and stay true to who he is.

for his smart talent, he deserves to win.
and for his will to change and put himself to another standard, he is worth to be blog about.

Congratulations, Tomok!
hip hip hurray!

p/s:mom had a suggestion that he should change his name too. a fresh start for everything.why not ;)



ms.iu said...

saje tumpang lalu here...
waaa seems that sume org cte psl Tomok after he win ehh???
he deserved it...kan??? huhuh....
waaa byk borong stila ehh hari 2??besh2..

harim hamdan said...

hello ms iu..
cop cop, r u from mmu?
mcm ku kenal wajah itu.

anyways, tomok really deserves the title.
even before dia menang, while he's in the competition, everyone dah ckp2 about how good he is.
and to my suprise he is good!

i really hope he will continue chasing and started to live in his dreams.

stila, haha tak lah bnyk..some of it i bought for my friends yg mintak tolong belikan.
u got urs?
must buy!
at least one item from stila :P

harim hamdan said...

OMG, baru pasan. its u!!!
hahah..lame tak jumpe..slalu dulu kite tesempak otw nk g klas lah, otw nk g mkn lah..

how r u dear?

serious patut la tgk kat gmbr profile tu cm kenal je..
sowi2 :P

write back!

**da cute mint oreo** said...

well i pun dulu geng benci tomok smpi kutuk meber kaw2 bler nmpk gambar tomok dlm purse dia but now since oiam kira salute gak dia.ok sgt.improvement yg dasyat.myb dulu sbb marketing so he need to carry style yg ntahpaper ok.hope he will better in future.

harim hamdan said...

aah kan...