Friday, May 01, 2009

Us at Stila KLCC

i was at Stila KLCC counter during lunch yesterday.

finally i got my kitten gloss...but i'm not really sure about the vanilla flavour..i expected it to be really strong smell, like you can still smell it even you applied on lips...but in my case, it's not and that's too bad..cause i am a chronic vanilla lover.

even if the flavour there, it's not last long.
or was it just my kitten like that?
i'm thinking to sell it off...applied it twice and perhaps i can give good discounts from the original price rm45. any takers?

after work, i stopped by at stila counter again..just to looksie2 if got any of the item i ordered before.
too bad, none of them were in the stocks.
maybe next batch.

as i was chit chatting with miu and her friends, suddenly, we became the Stila staff.
lillian (the stila lady) asked us to help organized the stocks of foundation etc on the counter. for customers easier browsing.

miu and ying huei organizing the foundation


yup, that girl over there just falls naturally into her role as Stila staff

now miu helps that customer to get what she needs

it was fun to help around and be part of the Stila team :P
*dreaming lah me*

of course we wanna pose too with Stilas :D

i really like this make up base foundation..only rm20.but the manufacturing date was 2005. some people said that the shelf life is 3 years add with 1 year for us to keep/use.and max years to keep/use cosmetics is 4 years altogether. if it's just simply a makeup where i apply it on top of my foundation/make up base, i think it would still be okay.but this one is the base.

but i heard different fact from other beautician, that the lifetime only start once you open the packaging or start to use it...once the seal open. which means, if this make up base foundation manufactured in 2005 and hasn't been open before, it's still good to use.
what do you think?

as i was ready to leave the counter, suddenly lillian came with this cute box of Stila sun and highlighter bronzing powder..she showed it to first i thought it was only the casing as it sells at RM20 only. but to my surprise, that's the whole pack of powder and casing.
i adore the design of the powder, artistic illussion of matahari.we grabbed each one.i couldn't resist it, it's 20 bucks, what more could you asked for right?

Stila sun and highlighter bronzing powder

that's Lillian in white top, the Stila lady..and Vincent in pink shirt, the Stila guy.well, i'll shoot picture of your face later ya vincent..yesterday was Lillian's last day and she'll be working at RMK counter in Isetan, KLCC.
will pay her a visit soon.

some of the merchandise stocks came yesterday..the famous tin cans RM5, in brown box is Stila mug RM15, and Stila pink pouch (not in picture) RM10

so, these two were the only stuff i bought from Stila yesterday.i'm not satisfied with the kitten gloss..i want more flavour, smell of vanilla, i want to makan my own lips for the flavour..i wanna's not up to my liking.

so, rm40 to turn yourself into a kitten? anyone? hello???



Anonymous said...

can i hav ur kitten gloss?email me at angelzoe80 at yahoodotcom masa u g klcc tu ade tak convertible eye colour?agak2 kalau g esok ade brg lg tak?byk ke stok sampai?tq ek..

harim hamdan said...

hi angelzoe80..ive emailed u already.


Jessica said...

hey, do they still have smudge pot? gray and black? pls reply..

harim hamdan said...

yup, there was the smudge pot.
not sure what colour though.
i'm going to stila klcc today to redeem something from the counter.

if you like, i can help you to look for it?