Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stuff For Sale

Benefit Betty Brush Bag

Price: RM50
Description: 4 brushes slot, 1 zipper pocket, the bag comes WITHOUT the brushes,
ONLY the bag.
Condition: Brand new

Hi ladies...after a long thinking and pondering...I have decided to let go some of my Stila. Reason, I just realize I've spent over budget and need money before I started my class in June and there are also stuff that I don't think I might use.

It's nothing much, only these few items and I only have them one each.

Stila Petal Infusions H20ff 40 Cleansing Cloth

Stila Foundation Brush #11
(used 2 times, will give discount)

Stila Lip Pots in Pecan

Stila Eye Shadow Trio Acapulco

Stila Colour Push-ups in Berry Flash


And below is a friend's Stila she wants to let go:

Lip glaze (apricot, pon pon gerbera, starfruit)
Plumping Lip Glaze in Vanilla Mint
Cherry Crush
Kitten Lip Gloss
Convertible Eye Color in Stone
Multi Effect Mascara in black
Smudge Pot in Jade

She only has one item for each Stila. Please e-mail her, if you are interested. First come first serve basic.

Thank you.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers movie was so awesome as evah!

I think Transformers Revenge of The Fallen is even better than the first one... I heard tickets are sold out since a week ago, and if you wanna see it during this week, don't even bother..

I was so lucky to be picked as one of the winners on Miu's Transformers contest last Monday. Everyone was there, the Stila buddies, as I registered their names in my phone :P
Thank you to Miu for the chance to be one of the people who got to watch it before it opens at the cinema. :)

After my class that day, I fetched my brother at home and we're off to Midvalley and we arrived around 8.40pm..something like that. The girls were there already with their husbands, friends, boyfriends. Waiting anticipated.

My brother and I sat next to Cuna and Meor.
Megan Fox opening scene was way hotter that the first one. Just look at this picture below and you will agree with me ;)

scene from Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen

scene from Transformers Movie

So, which one is hotter?
ngeee...I still say the bike scene is better.

I came across this article saying that she was a man. She is a transvestite. Crap? I'm not sure myself. Whoever she was, I must admit that she does have a very perfect beautiful face. I mean look at the sharp nose, big beautiful eyes, the plumping lips, and the OMG eye brow...her perfect beautiful face comes with a package, the body.

Even her cute rabbit teeth are beautiful!

This is her in her early career in one of the Olsen's twin movie. So different isn't it?

Well, okay, I still thinks that Nicole Scherzinger has the X-Factor and hot, but now, I'm considering to put Megan in my list too...huhu..

The whole movie was incredibly awesome, packed with everything.
My favorite scene in the movie was of course, Megan on the bike..LOL..oh and the ever so funny scene where Leo (played by Ramon Rodriquez) fainted in the toilet! and the war scene at the desert in Egypt (shoot at White Sand, New Mexico) was awesome.

How many times I've used "awesome" already??
Well, don't care lah, it is after all, an awesome movie!



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miu's Transformers contest

Miu is organizing a Transformer contest and here is my entry.

your blog have everything a girl could ever wish for...a guide for everything...a place where we found new friends with same interest, with a chatting box where we can spam as many as we want cause you paid for it, a blog name which we will never forget and easy to remember, a space where we connect with each other ;) I just CANNOT not wish ur lovely blog -Happy birthday-!!!


so, crossing fingers as I am a big fan of Transformers...I've been a fan since I was a toddler! :D



Pavilion just re-stock yesterday at 2pm.
I have no idea of the re-stock until I swing by after work yesterday, my intention was to accompany my friend to purchase her Stila..never that I expect to see a crowd hovering at Stila counter.

As usual the stock items are the usual ones...from foundation to e/s (oh, this time, a lot of colourful of it), lipstick (also one full drawer), mascara gone already, lip balm, jade smudge pot, and not to forget Noire palette. They really stock up on the Noire palette and I might guess that was the whole Noire at the warehouse as they have a full drawer of it. Too bad the palette goes for RM40 and not included in 5=RM50 items.
There are also lip talking palette comes from the previous re-stock.

I came very late, arrived only at 7.30pm, I missed the chance to grab the perfume for some of my friends and readers. Yes, they have the perfume..but it's in the reserved drawer already :(
If I came at time like usual (as the luck + magic always with me :P) I surely will help Lan, Taddy and Sharel to have it.

Last night was really tiring, I even slept at 2.30pm doing some important stuff :P
And I've been woke up by the chirping of the birds outside my window....ggrrrrr...


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photography contest CIMB

Shared via AddThis

Mom stumble upon the contest advert in the newspaper a few weeks ago. Its a CIMB Foundation My Cause Photography Contest. Mom really really wants me to participate.

This contest is open to public and students. What makes this contest unique is because it is the only contest that I know comes with a good objective in the end, that is to help and fund whatever causes you guys think need help. Of course there is reward for the winning photographer but the fact that the picture can help change and makes different in the cause is much more rewarding.

I will participate in the contest, not just for myself, but also for the cause that deserve the fund.
You guys know any? :D

Oh, and don't forget to participate too, it's not just about winning, but about helping others too.

For more info, please click on the heading just above the picture.

I totally don't have time to donate my blood this morning at the office although I've been planning to do so... bummer. At 4pm I ciou already for class and was in the office the whole day from morning until 4pm doing work. I don't even go for lunch.
Now I'm craving for Subway's again. $$$$$$


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stila Garden

Hello ladies...

Just as my luck always with me :P , I walked in at Stila Pavilion counter just to find the stock boxes waiting to be opened (this was my twice encounter at Stila Pavi). I was with Vina at that time, and maybe if it's not for her asking me to teman her buying Stila lipliner at Pavilion, we would've not know about the re-stock.
As usual, no more palettes to re-stock, only basic stuff, foundation, e/s, lipstick, under eye brushes (both short and long), 6 tubes of moisturizers (manufactured 2005 though), so on and so forth. Oh, and 6 boxes of Lip Talking Palettes.

I was at Pavilion the day before the re-stock to change my aunt's pink pouch. There I met again Pavilion very-super-nice cosmetic supervisor. Alamak, don't know her name, will ask soon. She told me about 2 other cosmetic brands that were on sale too!
Lancaster and T.LeClerc

Lancaster is specialized in skin care range, Vina and I have put couple of orders too and will pick them up next week when the stock arrive. T.LeClerc is a cosmetic brand, specialized in the foundation product as the s/a inform me.Both brand offers discount at 50% off.

Okay, and here is the news on Stila Garden. I don't know if you girls have heard it but according to one of my silent reader, Ja (thank u so much dear*mmuahh*), Stila Garden is giving further discount and this one will sound crazy, ok, ready? listen...for every 5 items you purchased, you got to pay all 5 for RM50! meaning each item is RM10 lah! crazy not?? tak percaya lagi?? ok ok, meaning let say you buy 5 stick foundation which cost you at RM32, you will only pay those 5 for RM50 and not RM160...that is more than discount 50%. Frankly speaking,just last week I told my friend that if Stila give me RM10 for the stick foundation which I really really love, I would buy 5 of it. Looks like miracles do happen! :D

I got the e/s shimmer in pink (no 12) for my dear friend already. She has been wanting it ever since she saw mine...LOL...just going to hunt down the gold colour if there still is.

Further updates, Stila Garden counter is clean, zilch, unless you wanna find compact powder refill, e/s in very basic colour of brownish, one colour of lipglaze stick, cans, brown bag, mugs and mmmm .... yeah that's basically it, you can go to Garden. Re-stock will be next week, and the s/a at Stila Garden will be flying off to Australia next Tuesday so this Sunday is her last day (just some info to share :P)

And good news is, the 5 items for RM50 discount also available at Stila Pavilion starting lunch time yesterday. Pavilion still have lots of stocks of mascara, eye brow definer, plumping lipglaze, lip pot, e/s, foundations, mugs, tin cans, it lipglaze, lip shine, smudge pot in jade (this one got so many, i mean banyak gile!) etc. There still got the 6 boxes of talking lip palette.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day.
I'm going to do a medical check up upon my University registration, going for work and organizing a friend's belated birthday dinner. Will be having dinner at Flaming Steamboat in Sunway. This will be our 2nd visit there as the first one was on my birthday dinner . It's affordable and food are good!

And on the other side of my life,

Tears already dry, ade lah sikit sikit tears, but can be control now...

This is hurt..this is I'm not used to live my life without you,
You have been my sweetest dream...

But this is the truth we have to face

I'll be okay like you said...and yes, I need to make a fresh start
I just hope that I will always be,
your only Bella ...


Friday, June 05, 2009

Stila Pavilion

i luvvv this illustration! macam green awareness campaign pulak but with fashion statement.. LOL

Hi girls, I know like everyone is freaking out trying to find what they wants from Stila on the last minute just before their officials closing down. Maybe you want to find something for closure right? Macam still tak puas hati because you still tak dapat those you really really really want.

I think I have found my closure already.
The EDP Creme Bouquet.
That's my closure...buhbye Stila..sob sob..

I asked Rachel, the pretty s/a Stila Pavilion (yup she's very pretty, I think she can be a model after Stila close :P) a few days ago, about will the other outlets stock / perhaps new stock from the warehouse coming (who knows suddenly they found the only make up case tertimbus bawah timbunan e/s and decided to sell :P), but she's not sure :(
*updates, maybe next week new stock coming...yayy!

So for your easy shopping, so you don't have to go like mad crazy to Pavilion and then Garden and waste on time and fuel (unless you are true die heart fan of Stila!), here is the list of what they still have at Stila Pavilion and if I remembered, with the quantity.

1. Liquid Foundation
2. Stick Foundation
3. Compact Powder
4. Angel Light Compact Powder
5. Compact Powder Casing (can fit angel light powder and the normal compact powder)
6. Brow Set (3)
7. Brow Polish in fair (1)
8. Brow Definer
9. Lipglaze in Berry (1)
10. Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
11. Plumping Lipglaze in Cirus Mint (6)
12. Lip shine
13. Lip pot in Pecan (1)
14. Smudge Pot in Jade (10)
15. Mascara Multi Effect in Black (3)
16. Lip colour in Andie and some other I forgot (10)
17. E/Shadow in basic colours
18. Mugs (8)
19. Pink pouch (4)
20. Brown Bag
21. Gel Cheek Color in Melon Flush (5)
22. Rouge Pots (3 or 2)

Those are basically what they have.
I'll be checking Garden, maybe today...just for some sight seeing stuff..LOL.
Okay, signing off now...if you want me to help you purchase anything from the list, please email me at