Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stila Garden

Hello ladies...

Just as my luck always with me :P , I walked in at Stila Pavilion counter just to find the stock boxes waiting to be opened (this was my twice encounter at Stila Pavi). I was with Vina at that time, and maybe if it's not for her asking me to teman her buying Stila lipliner at Pavilion, we would've not know about the re-stock.
As usual, no more palettes to re-stock, only basic stuff, foundation, e/s, lipstick, under eye brushes (both short and long), 6 tubes of moisturizers (manufactured 2005 though), so on and so forth. Oh, and 6 boxes of Lip Talking Palettes.

I was at Pavilion the day before the re-stock to change my aunt's pink pouch. There I met again Pavilion very-super-nice cosmetic supervisor. Alamak, don't know her name, will ask soon. She told me about 2 other cosmetic brands that were on sale too!
Lancaster and T.LeClerc

Lancaster is specialized in skin care range, Vina and I have put couple of orders too and will pick them up next week when the stock arrive. T.LeClerc is a cosmetic brand, specialized in the foundation product as the s/a inform me.Both brand offers discount at 50% off.

Okay, and here is the news on Stila Garden. I don't know if you girls have heard it but according to one of my silent reader, Ja (thank u so much dear*mmuahh*), Stila Garden is giving further discount and this one will sound crazy, ok, ready? listen...for every 5 items you purchased, you got to pay all 5 for RM50! meaning each item is RM10 lah! crazy not?? tak percaya lagi?? ok ok, meaning let say you buy 5 stick foundation which cost you at RM32, you will only pay those 5 for RM50 and not RM160...that is more than discount 50%. Frankly speaking,just last week I told my friend that if Stila give me RM10 for the stick foundation which I really really love, I would buy 5 of it. Looks like miracles do happen! :D

I got the e/s shimmer in pink (no 12) for my dear friend already. She has been wanting it ever since she saw mine...LOL...just going to hunt down the gold colour if there still is.

Further updates, Stila Garden counter is clean, zilch, unless you wanna find compact powder refill, e/s in very basic colour of brownish, one colour of lipglaze stick, cans, brown bag, mugs and mmmm .... yeah that's basically it, you can go to Garden. Re-stock will be next week, and the s/a at Stila Garden will be flying off to Australia next Tuesday so this Sunday is her last day (just some info to share :P)

And good news is, the 5 items for RM50 discount also available at Stila Pavilion starting lunch time yesterday. Pavilion still have lots of stocks of mascara, eye brow definer, plumping lipglaze, lip pot, e/s, foundations, mugs, tin cans, it lipglaze, lip shine, smudge pot in jade (this one got so many, i mean banyak gile!) etc. There still got the 6 boxes of talking lip palette.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day.
I'm going to do a medical check up upon my University registration, going for work and organizing a friend's belated birthday dinner. Will be having dinner at Flaming Steamboat in Sunway. This will be our 2nd visit there as the first one was on my birthday dinner . It's affordable and food are good!

And on the other side of my life,

Tears already dry, ade lah sikit sikit tears, but can be control now...

This is hurt..this is I'm not used to live my life without you,
You have been my sweetest dream...

But this is the truth we have to face

I'll be okay like you said...and yes, I need to make a fresh start
I just hope that I will always be,
your only Bella ...



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

Is it for real??? why oh why this happening when i'm not around, sob2 T-T

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Hi dear, do u have any idea when is Pavilion's restock? Huhu now im crazy over stila agin since this 5 for rm50! Last month I was on Stila ban the whole month. Im lemming on the lip glaze n more lippies la dear...