Friday, June 05, 2009

Stila Pavilion

i luvvv this illustration! macam green awareness campaign pulak but with fashion statement.. LOL

Hi girls, I know like everyone is freaking out trying to find what they wants from Stila on the last minute just before their officials closing down. Maybe you want to find something for closure right? Macam still tak puas hati because you still tak dapat those you really really really want.

I think I have found my closure already.
The EDP Creme Bouquet.
That's my closure...buhbye Stila..sob sob..

I asked Rachel, the pretty s/a Stila Pavilion (yup she's very pretty, I think she can be a model after Stila close :P) a few days ago, about will the other outlets stock / perhaps new stock from the warehouse coming (who knows suddenly they found the only make up case tertimbus bawah timbunan e/s and decided to sell :P), but she's not sure :(
*updates, maybe next week new stock coming...yayy!

So for your easy shopping, so you don't have to go like mad crazy to Pavilion and then Garden and waste on time and fuel (unless you are true die heart fan of Stila!), here is the list of what they still have at Stila Pavilion and if I remembered, with the quantity.

1. Liquid Foundation
2. Stick Foundation
3. Compact Powder
4. Angel Light Compact Powder
5. Compact Powder Casing (can fit angel light powder and the normal compact powder)
6. Brow Set (3)
7. Brow Polish in fair (1)
8. Brow Definer
9. Lipglaze in Berry (1)
10. Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
11. Plumping Lipglaze in Cirus Mint (6)
12. Lip shine
13. Lip pot in Pecan (1)
14. Smudge Pot in Jade (10)
15. Mascara Multi Effect in Black (3)
16. Lip colour in Andie and some other I forgot (10)
17. E/Shadow in basic colours
18. Mugs (8)
19. Pink pouch (4)
20. Brown Bag
21. Gel Cheek Color in Melon Flush (5)
22. Rouge Pots (3 or 2)

Those are basically what they have.
I'll be checking Garden, maybe today...just for some sight seeing stuff..LOL.
Okay, signing off now...if you want me to help you purchase anything from the list, please email me at



ms.iu said...

waaa harim byk koleksi Stila besh2...btw smudgepot die jual bape eh??alaaa nak p sana mcm jauh pulak..sob-sob..

harim hamdan said...

smudgpot at rm28
u kol me lah..txt ke if u wan anything as im goin to pavi now until 1 or 2..


babyloveshopping said...

wow..u remember so much things there still left?

harim hamdan said...

when it comes to stila, everything is possible, eventhough i have really bad memories usually :P

Miu said...

i don't think got anymore make up case, if there is, they're suppose to replace my 3 defective ones which i waited since last month for it.

At first the person in charge said ada lagi, but after 3 weeks without getting back to me, I finally email her n she said the warehouse is completely clean out of make up cases. Apologize to be for unable to replace my make up case.

Miu said...

U been TAGGED by me!