Sunday, June 21, 2009


Pavilion just re-stock yesterday at 2pm.
I have no idea of the re-stock until I swing by after work yesterday, my intention was to accompany my friend to purchase her Stila..never that I expect to see a crowd hovering at Stila counter.

As usual the stock items are the usual ones...from foundation to e/s (oh, this time, a lot of colourful of it), lipstick (also one full drawer), mascara gone already, lip balm, jade smudge pot, and not to forget Noire palette. They really stock up on the Noire palette and I might guess that was the whole Noire at the warehouse as they have a full drawer of it. Too bad the palette goes for RM40 and not included in 5=RM50 items.
There are also lip talking palette comes from the previous re-stock.

I came very late, arrived only at 7.30pm, I missed the chance to grab the perfume for some of my friends and readers. Yes, they have the perfume..but it's in the reserved drawer already :(
If I came at time like usual (as the luck + magic always with me :P) I surely will help Lan, Taddy and Sharel to have it.

Last night was really tiring, I even slept at 2.30pm doing some important stuff :P
And I've been woke up by the chirping of the birds outside my window....ggrrrrr...


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