Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers movie was so awesome as evah!

I think Transformers Revenge of The Fallen is even better than the first one... I heard tickets are sold out since a week ago, and if you wanna see it during this week, don't even bother..

I was so lucky to be picked as one of the winners on Miu's Transformers contest last Monday. Everyone was there, the Stila buddies, as I registered their names in my phone :P
Thank you to Miu for the chance to be one of the people who got to watch it before it opens at the cinema. :)

After my class that day, I fetched my brother at home and we're off to Midvalley and we arrived around 8.40pm..something like that. The girls were there already with their husbands, friends, boyfriends. Waiting anticipated.

My brother and I sat next to Cuna and Meor.
Megan Fox opening scene was way hotter that the first one. Just look at this picture below and you will agree with me ;)

scene from Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen

scene from Transformers Movie

So, which one is hotter?
ngeee...I still say the bike scene is better.

I came across this article saying that she was a man. She is a transvestite. Crap? I'm not sure myself. Whoever she was, I must admit that she does have a very perfect beautiful face. I mean look at the sharp nose, big beautiful eyes, the plumping lips, and the OMG eye brow...her perfect beautiful face comes with a package, the body.

Even her cute rabbit teeth are beautiful!

This is her in her early career in one of the Olsen's twin movie. So different isn't it?

Well, okay, I still thinks that Nicole Scherzinger has the X-Factor and hot, but now, I'm considering to put Megan in my list too...huhu..

The whole movie was incredibly awesome, packed with everything.
My favorite scene in the movie was of course, Megan on the bike..LOL..oh and the ever so funny scene where Leo (played by Ramon Rodriquez) fainted in the toilet! and the war scene at the desert in Egypt (shoot at White Sand, New Mexico) was awesome.

How many times I've used "awesome" already??
Well, don't care lah, it is after all, an awesome movie!



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