Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a day!

Today was tiring..and so fast too!

After a late outing last night, where I slept at 3am and had to wake up at 7.30am, I went to Damansara, following Aishah's sister to her work place. Then after that, we could borrow her car to run some errands.

We went around Cheras area to send some invitation card..yes, a wedding invitation card..oh and no, not my wedding :)

I had to accompany Aishah as she was pretty much lost to recognize the road to their houses.
We finished off sending cards at around 2 when we decided to eat Pizza Hut for lunch at Bukit Bintang. The service was so so so slow!
Very poor..bad service!

I have never tried anything else beside Super Supreme, but today, we had Royal Masala pizza, and it was deliciously yummy!

bride to be

I was really tired while we were making our way to Salak Tinggi to fetch some more wedding stuff. I slept like a baby in the car! Lucky I didn't drive the car :P

the wedding stuff

When we reached Putrajaya, it was 20 minutes later, I had to show the road AGAIN to Aishah.

We met up with A.J later at the place and went off to Damansara to fetch Aishah's sister from work. I had to change car by this point from Aishah's to A.J's as Aishah's car was full with the metallic stuff for her wedding.

Then hurriedly went back to Aishah's place to drop of her sister and get some more stuff. Then later, A.J drop me off at Renaissance Hotel for dinner with my colleague.

I had a delicious lamb!
I know, I don't eat lamb..but this one was so delicious that it didn't taste lamb..there's no after taste..I really enjoyed my lamb. Seriously!
I had 2 round of lamb...hehe..

The oyster was my meal of the day...expensive what that stuff, of course lah kena makan banyak.

A.J and Aishah were kind enough to wait for me finished my dinner while they ate their's at Secret Recipe..heee...thank u girls! *hugs*

After that, they sent me home and here I am.

Oh, and before I forgot, I finally received the Crabtree soaps I ordered from Miu..not many, only 2 bars! LOL...
That 2 bars of soap which had so many trouble to get to me..funny!
Miu was kind enough to throw me with suprise..she added 1 sample from L'occitane and 2 samples from Aesop. Both brand which I always curious about the product...yay, now I got to try it!


I'm outie for now cause I had back ache already due to lack of sleeping and over used energy!

Songi doro


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad 1958 - 2009

The well known director for her creative talent and brilliant ideas, Yasmin Ahmad, passed away last night at 11.25pm. She had undergone a surgery following a collapse at TV3.

Yasmin had direct many many outstanding tv commercials and also movies.

I remember being so amazed with all the Petronas Raya commercial, especially the one where the poor brothers brought back a cow to their mom, that was so hilarious. And also the one where a malay lady cried over the death of her Indian friend, who she grew up together and parted because of arguments. That was so touching, I weep everytime I watch it.

Yasmin is one in a million.
When all the directors in Malaysia do the same thing, she went out and make her own thing.
Although I don't really like some of the actor/actress in her movie, I salute her work and talent.

Sister is covering her funeral today for The Star.
She went to the hospital last night after Yasmin died.

May Allah bless her soul.
Farewell dear Yasmin.


Update news: At 12.46pm today, Yasmin had safely buried.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinosaur attack!

Okay, what's up with the dinosaur? And what's up with us? Adults acting scary (or not) towards the dinosaur...


It was our first class trip.
Yeah, why Petrosains? sounds childish right? but you never know the information, we the adults got.

I haven't really talk about my master class right?
First, I love love it.
It's so much different from the undergraduate class. We are more independent now, we even do our own teaching in class, meaning, we teach the class every week as the first assignment of my Learning Theories and Technologies class.

Petrosains have so many teaching tools, e-learning method or not. It all comes in one conclusion where we use theories for these learning tools.

We got to see how these theories being applied to those tools, and observed the user when they use those tools. We were lucky enough cause on our trip, there were quite a lot of school kids came and tried all the games/tools. It's impressive to see the way they think and communicate with the tools.

So, that's why we went there. Petrosains.
Oh and the dinosaur picture, we wanna have fun too!


I'll upload couple of pictures soon.
By the way, this is my class for Master in Multimedia (E-learning Technology)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Presents Time!

Birthdays & other occasions are around the corner that required me to spend on presents for my beloved family and friends.

I love love love celebrations. I enjoy the process of looking for presents for those occasions. It's not that easy when finding presents. Like you have to know what are their interest so that your presents can turn out to be great gifts. And of course, you have to be really restricted to your budget so that you don't over spend, and of course, the quality. Takkan nak throw anything just for the sake of giving presents..sorry, that's not me ;)

But sometime, thoughts from the bottom of your heart could be enough. It could simply cheers anyone. Sometimes it doesn't matter what they like cause presents are mysterious and suprise. Anything could do as presents.

I like to give presents that are practical to the receiver. Example, clothes. Even my 5 years old cousin had enough of clothes as birthday presents that she demanded toys for this year birthday present. LOL
Guess what she got? Clothes! :P
Guess Kids tunic clothes for Hari Raya perhaps.

My ideal birthday presents could be as i said practical stuff.Bags, shoes, books, accessories etc. These are what I got for my friend's wedding gift, my sister birthday gifts, my cousin's birthday gift and my friend's convocation.

Present #1
Friend wedding gift

Handmade greeting card

I decided to give her a Vincci clutch as wedding gift, something unique right? and totally chic!
This one were from me and Mohani.

Present #2

Sister birthday present

Something from Starbucks?? hmmm, what could it be?

Yayy, Starbucks tumbler which had the same design and shape as Starbucks plastic water container. Sister is Starbuck freak...and so do I :P

See, the same exact thing at the back. Oh by the way, this present is by request. So easier for me to go buy.

Presents #3
Cousin's birthday present

Yes, something from Guess Kids. They have 70% less there. Heaven!

Yayy, tunic tops from Guess Kids in blue black and white for that 5 years old cutie pie.

Present #4
Friend's convocation gift.
The paperbag only parkson, but I didn't buy the gift from Parkson. Dah koyak2 pun paperbag, old stuff

It's something mooooo...hmm cannot reveal too much, cause the convocation is in 3 weeks time or so. So can only give a quarter of the picture.

Oh well, presents make everyone feels good and appreciated and loved right?
No need to wait occasion lah then :P

Night everyone.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harim's Natural Blush Stila Look

click on the picture to enlarge

This is my attempt of getting a natural + blush look using only Stila.
(yes, saya sempat mengambil gambar sebelum pergi ke kerja semasa main make up make up)

It's nothing pro lah, normal normal one.

Well, actually, I just open my Cherry Crush and had been using it since a few days ago. Not that I forgot I have it, but I was paying too much attention on my other Stila, like the lipglaze for instance.

I really like the effect of Cherry Crush. It has a strong stain colour I the colour on my lips though. I have uneven lip colour where the upper lips is darker than the bottom. With Cherry Crush, it helps to even my lips by giving a gorgeous natural red tint.
Same goes with my cheek.

Below are more information of the make up I used:

1. Perfecting Foundation Stick (Shade E)
I love the texture and effect it has on my face. My face looks flawless with this baby and it
even helps to hide the dark circle under my eyes (not much but okay lah)
I have quiet oily lids whenever I put on the eye balm before putting on the foundation,
therefore, I used Stila Angel Light Powder (Shade D) after the foundation on my eyes.

2. Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz
The first time I saw this colour, I thought to myself, who on earth would wear it. But after a
guide from Rachel (Stila Pavilion s/a), I bought it and try to use it and loving it. Topaz has
creamy off white colour where I always line under eyes. It gives me that instance fresh look.
Don't line it too thick, apply it very light and if you have big eyes like me, you just apply it
from the end of your under eye till the middle and make it softer once you reach the middle part.
And Rachel also told me that this eyeliner can actually be the base of your eyeshadow. It helps
to enhance the eyeshadow colour.

The mascara & Topaz Eyeliner

3. Multi-Effect Mascara (Black)
This multi effect mascara is okay for me. Before Stila, I only used Silky Girl Mascara and still,
it has same effect as Stila. Mascara can really open up your eyes. One of the beauty magazine
even suggest that mascara is one of the essential tool for your everyday look, even if you don't want to put any make up. Although the removing process is very hard, I heart mascara. But I
prefer normal mascara without water resistant technology.

4. Lip & Cheek Stain Cherry Crush
I love love love Cherry Crush. No wonder it was one of the famous item during Stila sale.
The tint effect is really nice and with natural red blush. What makes this even worth is
because it's a lip stain too. So on your lazy day, just apply it on your cheek and lips and you
will look effortless stunning.

5. Plumping Lipglaze in Vanilla Mint
Like I said, the Cherry Crush can give your lips a natural red tint. But wait, lets play around
with this lovely Plumping Lipglaze in Vanilla Mint. Yes, I love this one too. Sangat suke! Now
I am ready to pout and smile :D

6. Stila Creme Bouquet Perfume
Once a vanilla fan always a vanilla fan. I really love this perfume, the vanilla-ish + powdery
yet creamy fragrance had won my heart since I first bought it. My pick of perfume of the day.

As I mentioned, this is just one of my attempt of using Stila...huhu...look so amateur right, saya budak baru belajar.
Share me your Stila look!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Woman's Secret

Yesterday, I went out to OU with mi madre after sending mi sorela to her office in Phileo Damansara.
We were eying on the Guess as they are now having up to 70% off discount. Looking for some stuff for my cousin's birthday, maybe some pants or shirts for Nikki, or maybe something for myself..murah murah ke..too bad couldn't find any.

I still have the RM50 mi dear amiga gave me as my birthday gifts. She asked me to buy whatever I want as she has no idea what to give me.LOL.
I went into Forever 21 and found an adorable pink dress but after fitting, it made me looked like a preggie lady...

Woman's Secret is having sale too, I wasted no time and went to the store. Lucky me, I found a bra and panty set for only RM51.20 after 60% discount for each item. Retail price would be RM128.

I am so in need of new bra anyways. So yeah, Ely, this is the birthday present you give for me okay!

Later after the successful birthday present hunting, I went to MNG and found this adorable t-shirt for only RM49!

Well, basically, I still have RM400 given by mi amore and mi sorela as my birthday presents. Well, they asked me what I want, and I said $ - cash.

I was desperately need $ last time to enroll for the master's program. So, now that I already paid everything for my school, I guess I can replace back the RM400 and buy me some nice stuff, right?

I saw this cute little Mark & Spencer pink polka dots 2 piece night wear comprising of the top and panty for RM29.90.
How about that as a wedding gift?

Instead of the same old that everyone happen to give like the periuk belanga, pinggan mangkuk, ketuhar gelombang berkuasa tinggi, cawan mawan (haha, is there such word?), and what not, I prefer the more unique, chic yet modern and stylish gifts for wedding. You know, like candles, bathing sets (hmmm, Miu is selling her Crabtree and Evelyn soaps for RM11 per bar you know, I ordered 2 already for birthday presents..yippie), cupcakes (Ida did this, she gave cupcakes as wedding gift), maybe perfumes, make-up sets, shoes, handbags, etc.

My close friend from high school is getting married next weekend, and hopefully I score good bargain for today's girl wedding-gifts-hunting-day out. Blush is offering some real good bargain too. Me and Kak Sha bought the lingerie set from there for our roommate's wedding gift last weekend.
The bride said and I quote,"I am so in love with you girls present"
I say, mission accomplish.

Oh, and I read my blogger friends redeemed freebies around town. nye!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farewell, Michael Jackson

In my darkest hour,
In my deepest despair,
Will you still be there? Will you still care? .....

In my violence,
In my turbulence
Through my fear and my confessions,
And my anguish, and my pain,
And my joy, and my sorrow,
And the promise of another tomorrow,
I'll never let you part,
For you always in my heart.

Of all the songs he wrote/sing, my personal favorite would be You Are Not Alone.

By now, the world is still mourning over the death of our King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was only 50, preparing himself for the UK concert, when he passed away, in just a blink of an eye.

He was not just a talented artist, but a genius one.

Deep down in me, I am grieving.

Now that he's gone, I do feel the lost, even though I had never been the number one fan or never had been the one who keen to wait for his new singles played on the air, or the one who never got updated with news on him, or the one who never really care about him.

He is a star, in everyone heart.
His signature moonwalk and dancing routine was actually amazing. And how he can distinguished himself from any other artist and become the one in a million.
Silly me for just realizing that.

I found this cool site, tribute to the King of Pop, called Eternal Moonwalk. You can submit your own moonwalk video too, yes, with your own version or simply copy Michael's version.

He's star will always shines and never will fade

Al-Fatihah dear Mikaeel.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RMK Makeover 7th July 09 (updated post with pictures)

Jess and I cam whoring

I think I was too over excited of the makeover :P

That Saturday morning, I'm getting ready for work...but most importantly, getting excited for the RMK Makeover that Miu and Lillian organised for the Female's magazine 50 Most Gorgeous People contest.
I went to the office nude...the face, I mean.

At exactly 10.45am, I reached RMK counter...Lillian was there while Miu went out getting some hot drink for Lillian. A few minutes after catching with Lillian, we started the makeover.....

Lillian cleared up my face with scrubs first. Then she put on toner, moisturizer, etc as the base before the make up (yes, I am a forgetful person at times) :P
She then started to put some colours on my eyes...I waited nervously..thinking how I would look like. But looking at how skillful Lillian was when she gave me the gorgeous eye brow arch during one of Stila re-stock day, I know I was in good hands.

After she had done, I looked on the mirror and I smilled till the ear...well, more of grinning. She gave me a dazzling look. Perfecto!
I had brown eye brow along with goldish nude make up.

I love it so so much :D

Above are the pictures, credit to Miu and Jess.
(don't know why, I cannot put the pictures down here after the text. I'm blogging in class by the way, well my cikgu is teaching how to use the Adobe Director and it's not interesting :P )

I also met the sweet Hana, the adorable Lily, the bubbly Jess and the darling VonVon with her cute little daughter (who already recognised me during our 2nd encounter at Stila KLCC, but this time around, she wasn't in mood lah to say 'Hi' to kakak..LOL)

me, Hana, Lily, Von + little pwencess

By the way, I am sorry for not blogging much lately...I've been busy again. My master class just started and when I got home, I pengsan already...
Today's class for instance end at 9.30pm. Today I got 2 classes. The first class was at 3.30pm until 6.10pm and second class comes afterward at 6.30pm until 9.30pm. That's a strech right..lucky my teachers give us some 15-20minutes break each session.
Ority, I'm off for break now.

Lily and I (thanx for the photos babe!)