Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harim's Natural Blush Stila Look

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This is my attempt of getting a natural + blush look using only Stila.
(yes, saya sempat mengambil gambar sebelum pergi ke kerja semasa main make up make up)

It's nothing pro lah, normal normal one.

Well, actually, I just open my Cherry Crush and had been using it since a few days ago. Not that I forgot I have it, but I was paying too much attention on my other Stila, like the lipglaze for instance.

I really like the effect of Cherry Crush. It has a strong stain colour I the colour on my lips though. I have uneven lip colour where the upper lips is darker than the bottom. With Cherry Crush, it helps to even my lips by giving a gorgeous natural red tint.
Same goes with my cheek.

Below are more information of the make up I used:

1. Perfecting Foundation Stick (Shade E)
I love the texture and effect it has on my face. My face looks flawless with this baby and it
even helps to hide the dark circle under my eyes (not much but okay lah)
I have quiet oily lids whenever I put on the eye balm before putting on the foundation,
therefore, I used Stila Angel Light Powder (Shade D) after the foundation on my eyes.

2. Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz
The first time I saw this colour, I thought to myself, who on earth would wear it. But after a
guide from Rachel (Stila Pavilion s/a), I bought it and try to use it and loving it. Topaz has
creamy off white colour where I always line under eyes. It gives me that instance fresh look.
Don't line it too thick, apply it very light and if you have big eyes like me, you just apply it
from the end of your under eye till the middle and make it softer once you reach the middle part.
And Rachel also told me that this eyeliner can actually be the base of your eyeshadow. It helps
to enhance the eyeshadow colour.

The mascara & Topaz Eyeliner

3. Multi-Effect Mascara (Black)
This multi effect mascara is okay for me. Before Stila, I only used Silky Girl Mascara and still,
it has same effect as Stila. Mascara can really open up your eyes. One of the beauty magazine
even suggest that mascara is one of the essential tool for your everyday look, even if you don't want to put any make up. Although the removing process is very hard, I heart mascara. But I
prefer normal mascara without water resistant technology.

4. Lip & Cheek Stain Cherry Crush
I love love love Cherry Crush. No wonder it was one of the famous item during Stila sale.
The tint effect is really nice and with natural red blush. What makes this even worth is
because it's a lip stain too. So on your lazy day, just apply it on your cheek and lips and you
will look effortless stunning.

5. Plumping Lipglaze in Vanilla Mint
Like I said, the Cherry Crush can give your lips a natural red tint. But wait, lets play around
with this lovely Plumping Lipglaze in Vanilla Mint. Yes, I love this one too. Sangat suke! Now
I am ready to pout and smile :D

6. Stila Creme Bouquet Perfume
Once a vanilla fan always a vanilla fan. I really love this perfume, the vanilla-ish + powdery
yet creamy fragrance had won my heart since I first bought it. My pick of perfume of the day.

As I mentioned, this is just one of my attempt of using Stila...huhu...look so amateur right, saya budak baru belajar.
Share me your Stila look!



cuna said...

wowwww...i luv ur natural blush look. look so hot! :)

harim hamdan said...

u post la picture of u n stila make up jugak..