Saturday, July 18, 2009

Presents Time!

Birthdays & other occasions are around the corner that required me to spend on presents for my beloved family and friends.

I love love love celebrations. I enjoy the process of looking for presents for those occasions. It's not that easy when finding presents. Like you have to know what are their interest so that your presents can turn out to be great gifts. And of course, you have to be really restricted to your budget so that you don't over spend, and of course, the quality. Takkan nak throw anything just for the sake of giving presents..sorry, that's not me ;)

But sometime, thoughts from the bottom of your heart could be enough. It could simply cheers anyone. Sometimes it doesn't matter what they like cause presents are mysterious and suprise. Anything could do as presents.

I like to give presents that are practical to the receiver. Example, clothes. Even my 5 years old cousin had enough of clothes as birthday presents that she demanded toys for this year birthday present. LOL
Guess what she got? Clothes! :P
Guess Kids tunic clothes for Hari Raya perhaps.

My ideal birthday presents could be as i said practical stuff.Bags, shoes, books, accessories etc. These are what I got for my friend's wedding gift, my sister birthday gifts, my cousin's birthday gift and my friend's convocation.

Present #1
Friend wedding gift

Handmade greeting card

I decided to give her a Vincci clutch as wedding gift, something unique right? and totally chic!
This one were from me and Mohani.

Present #2

Sister birthday present

Something from Starbucks?? hmmm, what could it be?

Yayy, Starbucks tumbler which had the same design and shape as Starbucks plastic water container. Sister is Starbuck freak...and so do I :P

See, the same exact thing at the back. Oh by the way, this present is by request. So easier for me to go buy.

Presents #3
Cousin's birthday present

Yes, something from Guess Kids. They have 70% less there. Heaven!

Yayy, tunic tops from Guess Kids in blue black and white for that 5 years old cutie pie.

Present #4
Friend's convocation gift.
The paperbag only parkson, but I didn't buy the gift from Parkson. Dah koyak2 pun paperbag, old stuff

It's something mooooo...hmm cannot reveal too much, cause the convocation is in 3 weeks time or so. So can only give a quarter of the picture.

Oh well, presents make everyone feels good and appreciated and loved right?
No need to wait occasion lah then :P

Night everyone.



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

the starbucks tumbler sgt2 kiut, nak jugak, hahhaha =D

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Woot that's a cool shopping spree! Sigh~ cepatlah keje!

harim hamdan said...

harim to ayna: u have to go buy cepat2 because it's limited.rm48 je

harim to hana: ala, i beli sikit-sikit..bukan one go pun. next year after bulan 12 i start keja okie!

harim hamdan said...

oh, by the way, i just notice that my teacher was using the same starbucks tumbler but the bigger size.