Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RMK Makeover 7th July 09 (updated post with pictures)

Jess and I cam whoring

I think I was too over excited of the makeover :P

That Saturday morning, I'm getting ready for work...but most importantly, getting excited for the RMK Makeover that Miu and Lillian organised for the Female's magazine 50 Most Gorgeous People contest.
I went to the office nude...the face, I mean.

At exactly 10.45am, I reached RMK counter...Lillian was there while Miu went out getting some hot drink for Lillian. A few minutes after catching with Lillian, we started the makeover.....

Lillian cleared up my face with scrubs first. Then she put on toner, moisturizer, etc as the base before the make up (yes, I am a forgetful person at times) :P
She then started to put some colours on my eyes...I waited nervously..thinking how I would look like. But looking at how skillful Lillian was when she gave me the gorgeous eye brow arch during one of Stila re-stock day, I know I was in good hands.

After she had done, I looked on the mirror and I smilled till the ear...well, more of grinning. She gave me a dazzling look. Perfecto!
I had brown eye brow along with goldish nude make up.

I love it so so much :D

Above are the pictures, credit to Miu and Jess.
(don't know why, I cannot put the pictures down here after the text. I'm blogging in class by the way, well my cikgu is teaching how to use the Adobe Director and it's not interesting :P )

I also met the sweet Hana, the adorable Lily, the bubbly Jess and the darling VonVon with her cute little daughter (who already recognised me during our 2nd encounter at Stila KLCC, but this time around, she wasn't in mood lah to say 'Hi' to kakak..LOL)

me, Hana, Lily, Von + little pwencess

By the way, I am sorry for not blogging much lately...I've been busy again. My master class just started and when I got home, I pengsan already...
Today's class for instance end at 9.30pm. Today I got 2 classes. The first class was at 3.30pm until 6.10pm and second class comes afterward at 6.30pm until 9.30pm. That's a strech right..lucky my teachers give us some 15-20minutes break each session.
Ority, I'm off for break now.

Lily and I (thanx for the photos babe!)




mIZz *.* aYNa said...

nice makeover harim... ^_~ sgt2 sweet, hehhehe =P

lily miri said...

i can see me at the background..hehe..i sgt bz. gambar pun belum buka lagi..later share wif u n miu ok!

harim hamdan said...

ayna: thank u!
lily: okay, i'll wait and will upload them here.

elly said...

Harim u look gorgeous! comel comel comel...

Jessying said...

oh i see my pic there. u r a great model very sporting ! Hehe enjoy taking ur pic

Link to my blog www.jessying.blogspot.com !!!!

Jessying said...

oh i see my pic there. u r a great model very sporting ! Hehe enjoy taking ur pic

Link to my blog www.jessying.blogspot.com !!!!