Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a day!

Today was tiring..and so fast too!

After a late outing last night, where I slept at 3am and had to wake up at 7.30am, I went to Damansara, following Aishah's sister to her work place. Then after that, we could borrow her car to run some errands.

We went around Cheras area to send some invitation card..yes, a wedding invitation card..oh and no, not my wedding :)

I had to accompany Aishah as she was pretty much lost to recognize the road to their houses.
We finished off sending cards at around 2 when we decided to eat Pizza Hut for lunch at Bukit Bintang. The service was so so so slow!
Very poor..bad service!

I have never tried anything else beside Super Supreme, but today, we had Royal Masala pizza, and it was deliciously yummy!

bride to be

I was really tired while we were making our way to Salak Tinggi to fetch some more wedding stuff. I slept like a baby in the car! Lucky I didn't drive the car :P

the wedding stuff

When we reached Putrajaya, it was 20 minutes later, I had to show the road AGAIN to Aishah.

We met up with A.J later at the place and went off to Damansara to fetch Aishah's sister from work. I had to change car by this point from Aishah's to A.J's as Aishah's car was full with the metallic stuff for her wedding.

Then hurriedly went back to Aishah's place to drop of her sister and get some more stuff. Then later, A.J drop me off at Renaissance Hotel for dinner with my colleague.

I had a delicious lamb!
I know, I don't eat lamb..but this one was so delicious that it didn't taste lamb..there's no after taste..I really enjoyed my lamb. Seriously!
I had 2 round of lamb...hehe..

The oyster was my meal of the day...expensive what that stuff, of course lah kena makan banyak.

A.J and Aishah were kind enough to wait for me finished my dinner while they ate their's at Secret Recipe..heee...thank u girls! *hugs*

After that, they sent me home and here I am.

Oh, and before I forgot, I finally received the Crabtree soaps I ordered from Miu..not many, only 2 bars! LOL...
That 2 bars of soap which had so many trouble to get to me..funny!
Miu was kind enough to throw me with suprise..she added 1 sample from L'occitane and 2 samples from Aesop. Both brand which I always curious about the product...yay, now I got to try it!


I'm outie for now cause I had back ache already due to lack of sleeping and over used energy!

Songi doro


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