Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad 1958 - 2009

The well known director for her creative talent and brilliant ideas, Yasmin Ahmad, passed away last night at 11.25pm. She had undergone a surgery following a collapse at TV3.

Yasmin had direct many many outstanding tv commercials and also movies.

I remember being so amazed with all the Petronas Raya commercial, especially the one where the poor brothers brought back a cow to their mom, that was so hilarious. And also the one where a malay lady cried over the death of her Indian friend, who she grew up together and parted because of arguments. That was so touching, I weep everytime I watch it.

Yasmin is one in a million.
When all the directors in Malaysia do the same thing, she went out and make her own thing.
Although I don't really like some of the actor/actress in her movie, I salute her work and talent.

Sister is covering her funeral today for The Star.
She went to the hospital last night after Yasmin died.

May Allah bless her soul.
Farewell dear Yasmin.


Update news: At 12.46pm today, Yasmin had safely buried.


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