Monday, August 31, 2009

Christian Dior Make Over

This is my first time of getting a photo shoot after doing a make over. It was funny when the photographer asked me to pose and I pose like kayu. OMG and the feathery thing on my shoulder!! LOL... this picture cost RM20 okay. And the whole make over thing was free. Courtesy of CD and Woman's Weekly. Thank you thank you! :D

Now I know how hard my customer can be when I asked them to pose for their wedding pictures.

I went to the CD makeover with Vina and Wan. Their pictures came out nice!

Please don't laugh at mine..hehe..

In the related topic, I went to Anna Sui's mini workshop with Vina and Wan.

I'm quite upset with the whole thing, first, they refuse to wait for Vina who stucked in rain and work. But after I convinced them that she's my friend and will come, then the s/a gave 15 minutes for Vina to show up and if she came late, she will miss part of the workshop.

Second, it was a very fast mini workshop/ workshop/ make over I have ever attended. I thought, with the workshop, (one person will be selected as the model), the rest two will get to do their own make up while the s/a showed it at the model. But no, it didn't go that way. We were only get to watch the whole process.
The s/a was very fast with the whole process.

Third, I learnt that for the 50 first IMC holder registered in the workshop, they will get a goodie bag worth RM80 including a lomo camera. I have been lemming for it for one whole week..ask Cuna, ask Vina, ask Azura, they know I've been wanting it. Well, the reason I go to the workshop besides getting to know Anna Sui's brand better. And again, it didn't happen, s/a told us that the merchandize has finished and that we were late to be the first 50. I am not blaming them for not making in the top 50 members to register but they should tell us earlier. Or limit your participation to 50 people max.

Why didn't she told us before we came? It would save all the trouble of going there with my big laptop bag hanging on my shoulder and it would also made Vina stayed in the office until the rain stopped instead of going through the rain just to go to the workshop.

And last but no least, she said because she ran out of the actual merchandize, she would give us extra samples. The extra samples she gave were like old stock.The Super Mascara DX, Oil Control Mask, Control Color Primer 100, Pore Treatment Gel and Oil Control Emulsion samples were manufactured in 2007. Only Control Color Primer 200 and Foundation Primer were manufactured in 2008. Me and Vina's skin are the dry type, and when we asked is there any samples suitable for our skin type to try, she replied there don't have it. You don't have it or you were lazy to check for it??

And to top it all, those samples were given to us in a drinking plastic bag container, just like when you go to pasar malam and you buy drinks, the same plastic she used to put all the samples. No Anna Sui paperbag or perhaps Isetan bag?? Running out of the paperbag too is it?

'goodies bag' worth rm80....????
why don't call it goodies plastic bag worth god knows how much!

It was the most unprofessional workshop I have ever attended.
A big boo to Anna Sui!



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

seriously harim, the feather thing memang ade kat semua makeover ke??? hehehhe =P anyway, i think i like you punye RMK makeover than this one, more natural and sweet, ^_^

harim hamdan said...

haha..i pun kot..sbb sume tmpt pun ada je mende tuh..
actually dia make up mata i cun gak..smokey eyes dia intense look.
but u know, dah photoshoot, muke pun di airbrush lah..hehe..
dgn pose ku yg lansung tak natural!

yup, i like RMK better though.i got brown eye brow with RMK :P

cuna said...

wahhhh jelesnye u dapat CD make over.i miss it. damn. i feel sorry 4 u 4 da bad anna sui workshop experience.of coz i tau how it feel after almost everyday u keep telling me bout da lomo cam n how u looking forward to go for that workshop. but after reading ur story lain pulak yang jadi. sian u. sabar ye :)

Jessying said...

eh so makeover so prettyyyyy.... kakaka can use it for match making o... hehhe... jk jk..

anyway boo to anna sui !!!!!!!!! for not considerate, lazy and bad service..

whats the white bottle in the pic ?

harim hamdan said...

haha...give the picture to future mother in law, so can get husband :P

oh its the oil control u think all that worth rm80?
just wanna know, cause if its so, then oklah..but if its not, s/a cheating lah kan.

ita said...

kak arim, u look pretty! :D boleh la main make-up2 raye nih. ahahahah