Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Rosken Product!

Ngeh these are the Rosken product I won on Woman's Weekly magazine...thank you thank you!

I've been informed by Jessy that everyone is winning something, Jessy won herself a Stage floral set worth RM300++...awesomeness!
Miu is winning herself the BB tell your friends contest by being on the first place with BB product worth RM500...coolies!
and Von also won herself some Clarins product..wuhuuu!
Congratulation girls! :D

I've always participate in contest, and all the time, I would win something.
The best gift from a contest that I won was the Nivea contest I joined a few years back, back when I was doing my Diploma...hmm, that was about 4/5 years ago.
I won the 2nd place and receive a RM500 MNG voucher, RM200 worth of Nivea product and some other merchandize.
The best part was, the MNG vouchers can be used during sales! And I remember my mom, sister and myself went to Sunway Pyramid's MNG and shopped was incredible that we almost got around 8 to 10 items using the voucher. But we did top up around RM50 extra for the purchased.

And other than that, I used to win perfumes, CDs, merchandizes and cash money, cheque money.

The cash money I won was RM200 when I participated in the Loreal Pure Zone Cash Your Dream contest. And the cheque worth RM200 I got by winning the photography competition, One Life to Live.

There was a contest that was totally different than others I have participated. I had to go for a photoshoot, talking and present a slide show of my photography work in front of public in Esplanda Club (used to be, now close already, at Jln P.Ramlee) and being voted for.
The contest was held Myc Magazine. I was being featured in the magazine along with other top 12 finalize. I was surprised to see myself on a big and long banting outside the club on the day the event held. Later after the event ended, the sponsor gave us the banting to bring home..and now its hang nicely on my wall :D

Guess where am I...

the magazine

There...that's me!

I didn't quote that..haha..but I wrote the wish.

the banting of me!



rainz said...

campak seketol rosken kat aku ar.thihiihihi..

murah rezeki ko beb..asek menang jek!

Suziana's Shopaholic Realm said...

wow, you're a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

wow! so many products u won. congratulations!

Jessying said...

wah... so many products u win.. can tahan 1 year... !!!

my name jess not jessy btw.. kekeke..

also my fren vanessa won cleo haagen dazs rm60 voucher...

so happy everyone winning something

harim hamdan said...

alamak sorry jess..hehe..

LyNn said...

wee for rosken users!
recently however. i've been thinking about switching to nivea or vaseline
any ideas?

harim hamdan said...

hmm..i love both product, nivea and vaseline..i love nivea the whitening lotion, been using it since high school and i used vaseline when it first come out with the lotion product.

actually, i like to change my body lotion product...but i havent try rosken before, i only rotate between nivea's range and vaseline's range. i love vaseline's smell and it's texture, and nivea offers similarity with extra softness. overall, i'm quite satisfied with both.

at the moment, i'm using johnson and johnson lotion, but i'm not quite like it as it left some oily residue on my palm.

still, need to finish it up so i can use rosken!

maybe u could buy the trial pack, vaseline and nivea both offer their trial pack at affordable price.
good luck!

elly said...

wah nape aku tak realize pun ko dlm magazine tu..oo baru tau aku tak beli, nape tak bgtau?? ishh...

harim hamdan said...

aah...ingt tak mase contest tuh, korang sume blk kg cuti sem..
so, i guess, slipped of my mine..
ko nk ke?
nnt aku photostate yeh..hehe

Miu said...


it's U holding camera!!

tak pernah u snap my pics also.. =_= i'm waitin for special photo by u now...


harim hamdan said...

this one was a few years back..i think in 2007..

nantilah i snap ur camera is sick now..need to send to doctor camera right away..

Razak Latif said...