Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Bells for Bestie :)

My best friend just tied the knot last weekend.
I was there, witnessing the event, involved in the event, and of course, as the official photographer for the event.

A wedding event is a very tiring event i must say.
Just looking at it, I don't know if I can manage mine.

That's why I need to get good job so that I can hire a wedding planner or just throw it at a hotel or something.


I'm happy for Aishah, as she finally settling down to the man she loves. She is currently pursuing her PHD in Spain.

After a long days at Malacca, I came back home on Sunday, last weekend.
I can still feel the tiredness even until Tuesday.
But a mail arrived in my mailbox on that day, making me the happiest girl in town!
Look at the picture what is the mail all about ;)

Yes, you read it right.
I won Woman's Weekly - Rosken contest, the prize, Rosken hamper worth RM200!
Isn't it great? Worth my modal of RM5.60 for Woman's Weekly magazine. First, I got to do a free Deep Cleasing Hair Treatment at Rene Furterer in Pavilion with Aishah, and now I won this Rosken hamper set worth RM200.
I didn't manage to get the Crabtree Evelyn candles though. I really really want it, and that's the first reason why I bought Woman's Weekly after a little persuasion from Angelzoe..LOL..

I feel cheated on that day when I wanted to redeem for the candle. In the voucher said, grab 52 candles at these outlet, but never mentioned 52 candles that are divided into these 4 outlets making it only 10-15 candles at each outlet! Nak jual magazine kan, how to mention...bleargh!


Well, I too, was wrong, putting on make up for one hour and drove all the way to One Utama for the candles and only arrived at 11am, where I could actually just drove to Pavilion which was more nearer to my place. The actual plan was to go to MidValley so I can redeem on the candles and one more item which I forgot. But due to the riot, they closed down the road and I had no choice but to drive to One Utama, and also thinking that I wanted to get some of the H20 cleanser product at the warehouse sale in One Utama that Miu post in her blog. Turn out to be, I didn't get any of both item, the candles finished by 10am and the H20 cleanser sold out :(

Lesson of that day, orang tamak, selalu rugi :D

Now, I'm waiting if I win the Andaman, Langkawi vacation.
hehe...Vina is waiting too :P



Jessying said...

keke, good u also won something :P i also won something,miu also won bb, von also won clarin... mari sama-sama bergembira :) anyway i also pray2 i win the andaman..kekeke...

harim hamdan said...

besh besh..lets happy2 together..
what u win?