Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and the stories are...

So, the story is, I am proud to say that I have finished couple of my Stila product, which are the Foundation stick and eye make up remover.

Remember the craziness of Stila Sale? yes, that's where I bought those two. I enjoyed using the Foundation stick as it really helps to cover up my blemishes and dark circles.
Nevertheless, I don't think my eyes benefit most when using the Eye make up remover pad as it doesn't really take off all of my make up especially at the eyes.

I had to use sometimes 3 pads to move it efficiently.
Therefore, I think I am more satisfied to use the Johnson and Johnson Vitamin E Baby oil. Much much better.
remember this???

squeaky clean!

and this?

nothing left!! huhu, really gali until the bottom lah :D

And the next story is, at the moment, I am sampling Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex.
This product can repair the appearance of past damage. It also helps to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dryness and dark circles. As I have been sampling it for almost 2 weeks now, I think it really help the dryness part. My eyes area becoming more softer than before. And for dark circles, I'm not sure as I don't see the result yet.

The next product I am sampling is the Face Shop BB . According to the s/a, one only need to apply a small dot of the amount and spread it on the face. I agree with that as a small amount is enough to cover your whole face but not thoroughly. Still, it looks natural and the texture is quite good.

The other sample I am trying is the Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream.
So far, I only use it 4 times so I can't really say the changes. But I'm okay with the smell and love the cream texture.

And these 2 products below are my newest sample redemption.
I'm gonna let you guess what are those...hint, lotion and perfume, of course! But what kind? Which range, and what brand??

Keep on guessing :D

And goodness..I can't believe I can actually find back the Eiffel Tower Forever 21 necklace that was lost a couple of years back. The previous one was actually with black diamond beads. But I don't care, as long as I can replace it would be more than enough.


Maybelline Simply Fabulous Giveaway by Beetrice Review

Beetrice from Beetrice's Reviews dot blogspot is organizing a contest called, Maybelline Simply Fabulous Giveaway contest in conjunction of the Maybelline Simply Fabolous contest at 8tv.

Crossing fingers to win :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Uwan..

I'm sorry I didn't make it to see you for Hari Raya...I miss you so much... how much I want to kiss your hand on that day
I remember your smiles, and I miss that.

Dear Uwan,
Semoga Uwan mendapat cahaya kerahmatan Allah S.W.T di sana.
Arim doakan yang terbaik untuk Uwan...


*my condolences also goes to Azura @ AngelZoe on the passing of her beloved father on 5th Raya

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat, selamat, selamat....

I wanna wish all my muslim friends, readers, teachers, family


Maaf Zahir dan Batin for all the mistakes I have made.

For those who's traveling to their respective hometown, be careful on the road,
To the rest, have a great holiday....

I'll balik kampung afterwards to Sri Iskandar.

and last but not least,
Have a Blast Eid this year!!

hugs and kisses,
Harim Hamdan

Monday, September 14, 2009

I did it again

It was an innocent outing this morning, first, to send my sis to the lrt and second, to get my assignment paper bind. But I went as far as Pavilion :P

tak sedar diri punye perempuan! (curse to myself)

While waiting for the binding shop to open ( I was in front of the shop at 9.30am), I decided to go to Pavi and redeem whatever needed to be redeem...especially the Biotherm Moisturizer that I've been longing.

I swap my sister's Clinique moisturizer with it.
Then I went into Parkson and redeem the Issey Miyake miniture.
After that I went to Kiehly's and asked for Eye Cream sample like Von told me to do :)
Too bad they running out of the one that Von recommended, Eye Alert, instead the s/a gave me Abyssine Eye Cream +. She said that this one is for wrinkle and dark circle.

I saw a Hari Raya promotion booth at the lobby and saw Crabtree Evelyn to be one of the tenant there. They have quite a number of promo items but the one I'm interested with is the purchase the Hand Theraphy Sampler at RM45 (ori at RM75), and if you buy 4 boxes of the Hand Theraphy Sampler, you are entitled to a free full size Handwash (RM60, 250ml). Click on the picture to see more bargain on Crabtree Evelyn. And their Raya cookie sets are to die for!!

After 30 minutes at Pavilion, I stopped by at Kraf to pay for the baju raya I bought for Kak Sha. I helped her purchased it as she lived in Perak now.Owh, speaking of which Kirana is having sale at Kraf in conjunction with the Promosi Kraf Aidilfitri 09. Baju Kurung from rm200, Baju Melayu from RM250, Kids from RM30 and casual tops from RM50. Today is the last day!

And went back to Desa Pandan to the binding shop where I first went for. I got my paper bind and straight back to home...and just so you know, while blogging, I'm still doing my assignments :D

ok, better stop now..chop chop.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Sample Redemption

This time, Issey Miyake is having a promotion with its latest feminine fragrance, a scent by issey miyake.

All you have to do is:
  • go to this website
  • register your details
  • choose your redemption counter (klcc, midvalley, pavilion)
  • done
An e-coupon will be sent to your email.
Is that simple.

And again, this post is to support my fellow bloggers effort to survive their 10 Days No Shopping Challenge.



p/s: oopss, this is my 2nd time blogging today.bad harim, go study!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy little Bee...

I'm quite buzy right now with my final for 1st semester...exams..submissions...

I wanna blog!!!

Urgh, so I just drop by now for a few seconds ;P

I'll be blogging about my Stila's and about my Bobbi Brown eye balm that have finished..

I will also blog about last night where I pampered myself with beauty regime, courtesy of the samples from Rene Furterer, Estee Lauder and RM3 mask I bought at a warehouse sale.

Fasting month is okay...
Raya will be fine I guess...owh, speaking of which, Kirana is having Hari Raya sales at Kraf, Jln Conlay with further discounts on Baju Melayu (RM250), Baju Kurung (RM200-RM500), Children Baju Raya (RM30 onwards), clothes from BiKirana and Kirana line (RM50 onwards) and also shawls (RM10 onwards) .
Their last day will be this Monday at 6pm.
In fact, there are so many stalls selling Baju Raya ranging from affordable to high price in conjunction of the Promosi Hari Raya at Kraf event.

I have cilok 3 Baju Raya from Kirana, my sister got Baju Kebaya Songket and mom got Shantung Silk Baju Kurung. I took the Kimono top (oh how I falling in love with this one!) and 2 other chiffon top with strings here and guys know I love clothes with strings to tie up right :P

So hurry make your way to Kraf pronto!

In the meantime, in supporting for Miu, Von's and the rest of my dear blogger friends effort to 10 Days No Shopping Challenge, here is something for them to get excited on...Biotherm is having a swap program where user can bring in any old moisturizer above RM50 for an exchange of their Aquasource Moisturizing pot at 15ml size.
This also applicable for men who wants to try on their T-Pur Intense product.
Click on the picture for more details

Alrighty, I shall continue finish up my 10 pages articles on Technology in Classroom topic. I must finish it by tonight...
Owh and yeah, I feel so relieve I stop a while for blogging :)

Take care and have a great Ramadhan month...and just in case I will not be able to get to you just before Raya, I wanna wish all my Muslim readers and friends, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
To the rest, happy holiday!