Monday, September 14, 2009

I did it again

It was an innocent outing this morning, first, to send my sis to the lrt and second, to get my assignment paper bind. But I went as far as Pavilion :P

tak sedar diri punye perempuan! (curse to myself)

While waiting for the binding shop to open ( I was in front of the shop at 9.30am), I decided to go to Pavi and redeem whatever needed to be redeem...especially the Biotherm Moisturizer that I've been longing.

I swap my sister's Clinique moisturizer with it.
Then I went into Parkson and redeem the Issey Miyake miniture.
After that I went to Kiehly's and asked for Eye Cream sample like Von told me to do :)
Too bad they running out of the one that Von recommended, Eye Alert, instead the s/a gave me Abyssine Eye Cream +. She said that this one is for wrinkle and dark circle.

I saw a Hari Raya promotion booth at the lobby and saw Crabtree Evelyn to be one of the tenant there. They have quite a number of promo items but the one I'm interested with is the purchase the Hand Theraphy Sampler at RM45 (ori at RM75), and if you buy 4 boxes of the Hand Theraphy Sampler, you are entitled to a free full size Handwash (RM60, 250ml). Click on the picture to see more bargain on Crabtree Evelyn. And their Raya cookie sets are to die for!!

After 30 minutes at Pavilion, I stopped by at Kraf to pay for the baju raya I bought for Kak Sha. I helped her purchased it as she lived in Perak now.Owh, speaking of which Kirana is having sale at Kraf in conjunction with the Promosi Kraf Aidilfitri 09. Baju Kurung from rm200, Baju Melayu from RM250, Kids from RM30 and casual tops from RM50. Today is the last day!

And went back to Desa Pandan to the binding shop where I first went for. I got my paper bind and straight back to home...and just so you know, while blogging, I'm still doing my assignments :D

ok, better stop now..chop chop.



cuna said...

bestnye dapat biotherm moisturizer tu. i tak de ape nak di exchange kan. eh i dah redeem issey tu. tq!

harim hamdan said...

tu laa u tak pakai moisturizer! kan?

i nk tukar lagi moisturizer wif my mom's ristra...hehe...besok kot g :D

bau essey cm sabun kan,tapi besh

cuna said...

wahh mau tukar lagi?syok nyee. tetibe rase nyesal lak tak de moisturizer. hehehe. jgn lupe redeem miniature EL sekali. bau die pun not bad. tapi i lagi suke issey tu ;)

harim hamdan said...

miniture EL?
yg mane nih..EL yg dlm bekas cute tu ke?
dunno about it.

Jessying said...

METROJAYA MV and isetan garden biotherm finish liao.. try klcc and pavillion heard still got stocks

p/s: i tried the aquasource really nice and cooling, whatmore its free

cuna said...

alamakkk silap type la pulak. bukan EL. It's Lancome :P Sowi

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

sedap gak bau issey tu, tapi mcm familiar je la.... mcm perfume avon cikgu i pnh pakai kat sekolah dulu, hehhehe =P

harim hamdan said... ke?
i still think mcm bau sabun..hahhaha..

tapi fresh skit la.

harim hamdan said...