Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clarins Sample from MYC

In my recent post the other day, I told you guys that I got Clarins sample inclusive of Pure and Radiant Mask, Serum, Hydra-Matte Lotion. I got to redeem these samples with vouchers that I found in the MYC magazine. Remember the magazine that I was in for the Loreal Purezone Contest? click here and scroll down.

The thing with this magazine is that, it is not for sale. It is a complimentary copy where you can get at your nearest Starbucks outlet, student lounge at colleges and universities and other hanging out place that is most dominate with teenagers/ young adults.

Eventhough I saw this magazine at MMU Student Station magazine shelve last week, I didn't actually got the copy where I redeem Clarins there. Instead, I got it from somewhere else, where I'm supposed to borrow it...heeeee... It was more of a desperate attempt to get the samples. You will do the same thing right??

Well, if you want to redeem yours, I gave you clues already. STARBUCKS.

I have no idea that MYC magazine give away so many prizes and do a lot of contest!
Check this out!

Contest #1

Contest #2

Contest #3,4,5

Contest # 6,7

Contest #8, 9

Contest #10

I bet it is like this for every issue ;)
If you are a movie-goer, than you better get your chance of winning free movie tickets from this magazine. Click here, MYC magazine

Contest #10 is pretty much exciting and interesting. Sponsor by Clinique, all you have to is to email them your details and attach a fun photo of you and your girlfriends and tell them why you want Clinique to host your Tea Party with friends. Is that simple!

I'm sending my entry, hope you girls do too... If I win this, we are surely go for the Tea Party...definately!


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