Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous Finale

I got this Clinique Personal Makeup Workshop / Makeover when I redeemed for the Clinique Eye Cream just by showing my Lasenza member card. I made this makeover on the day I went to the Maybeline Simply Fabulous event. The s/a used greenish eye shadow on me, it's okay but not really flattering...nevertheless, I enjoy my makeover session as the s/a was very polite and really really nice. At one time, she even handle 2 customers without much neglecting the other. Good job!

Then after class, I went to the Maybeline Simply Fabulous Finale held at Euphoria Sunway. Me and Faten were just in time when we arrived.

We registered at the 'Contest Winner' counter and received the wrist tag. We were wondering if we going to get the goodie bag placed behind the counter...but the staff who attend to us only gave us the wrist tag...hmmm...she said that the goodie bags were only for Media and other guests, and not for Contest Winner because I already won Maybeline stuff.
Is that so??

Anyways, the event was overall exciting.
I gave full support to every contestant at the VVIP lounge/area. We got to see the whole event from upstairs. Nalin walked away with the grand prize. She did have the charisma and what it takes to win grand prize by just watching her walking on that stage and of course watching the whole episodes of Maybeline Simply Fabulous show ;)

Congrats Nalin!

Faten and I


spot anyone you know in the crowd, dear bloggers? ;)

I was out the whole day today...i'm pretty exhausted but still need to finish up some freelance work...speaking of which, Harim Photography is having new year promotion on wedding photography. Will post about it soon, wait for it ya!
And will upload pictures of the event too, file too big for now.



harim hamdan said...

cannot login!!

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

i pernah dpt the same clinique makeover voucher tp sgt2 x happy dgn SA die yg buat keje cincai je, huhu~

harim hamdan said...

yup agree wif u babe..
i dun really like my make up too (dlm hatiku berkata, aku make up sendri lagi lawa)

so, before event tu pun, i touch up sndri...haihh...
dia tak reti makeup2 kot..


Nlndr said...

Hey girl, thank you so much for the write up and your vote of confidence! :) i'm glad you enjoyed the show. :D