Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday

Even if it's Sunday, sister still had to go to work...

We were out as early as 8.30am, driving to UM for my sister's assignment. As we reached at 9am, the organizer told us that the event will started at 2pm instead. And so, we strolled around the Bangsar area/Mont Kiara, killing the time.

There were these Breast Cancer Donation boxes placed with big giant cards for donor to sign. Well, that's me when I saw pink!
People are supportive judging from the amount of money in the boxes...
Donation of minimum RM5, will entitled you to take a pledge and sign on the pink giant card.

Pardon my bangun tido face

At around 1.30pm, we made our way back to UM. Fetching her again at 5pm after the PC's over, I had to send her back to her office in Phileo Damansara. While waiting for her to finish ketuk story, I decided to redeem the new found Clarin's voucher I saw in MYC magazine (where I got it, don't ask :P ).

And after around 8pm, fetch sister again from the office and back home fetching mom before we went to see my Auntie in Ukay Perdana for a quick dinner. Although right now my eyes are half closing, I still wanna blog about this..

Yes, tomorrow saya kerja ye.
OMG, I'm so sleepy...

This coming soon..maybe tomorrow before class I shall make the post.

Sekian, terima kasih


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