Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Uhuuuu..I won again!

Yayyy!! hail Beetrice Review!

for selecting me as one of the winner on the Maybelline Simply Fabulous Giveaway contest.
...I won third place, which entitled me to get the RM50 worth of Maybelline product and also 2 tickets to see the Grand Finale of Maybelline Simply Fabulous.

Today I'm running errands with sister as she is going to India tomorrow. She's picking last minute errands before her flight tomorrow at 8am. My class cancel for today, the 2.30pm class...yup, today start class semester..2nd semester infact!

Can you believe it, I am already in my 2nd semester??
I can't believe it myself... Last year, at this day, I wonder to myself if ever my plan to continue studying ever gonna work...but now, Alhamdullillah, it is :)

Alrighty, so I got my free Starbucks coffee already, updated blog here a bit, and need to fetch sister from the clinic where she's getting her medical injection/jap before off to India..

Have you guys get your free coffee from Starbucks?? You got until 12pm to do so!

Have a happy day today!


1 comment:

JuLia d BuBbLes said...

asyik menang jerr!! x acii!!!
murah rezeki btol la kak harim nih...