Monday, November 02, 2009

Girls Day Out

I'll talk about the new office soon...I'll post pictures too perhaps? ;)

I enjoyed the Girls Day Out my person and I had yesterday. We haven't really see each other that often, therefore, this Girls Day Out idea burst even though it had to go through a lot of obstacles/cancellation along the way.

Not much of photos too. Just a few of these.

the yummylicious baby octopus

EY's toilet

Kliq Hair Salon, Wangsa Maju, KL

What we did? Lots!
  • Breakfast
  • Hair makeover
  • Stop by her office
  • Starbucks
  • Shopping for Saree!!! :D (almost buy, didn't look good, cancel the coolest idea evah!)
  • Shopping for guitar! :D (Sukami brand from Sg Besar?? LOL...will look for others that suits the budget and good quality brand)
  • Hungrryyyyy (went dinner for Sakae Sushi! Darling treated me with Sakae for my ever glorious result..haha..thankie2)
  • Groceries at Tesco
  • Movie (cancel because both were too tired!)
  • Home sweet home
I always love Girls Day Out.
We used to have it almost every month when we were in MMU...all of us, the whole gang!

We organized a successful Hari Raya Potluck party previously, looking forward for the New Year Pot Luck Party!
And more Girls Day Out with the gang...

take care sayang-sayang semua *hugs*


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