Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mother and Daughter Night Out

After the Girls Day Out me and my bestie had last weekend, I decided to treat mom the same.
She already told me that she wanted to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It at the cinema. And so, as a good daughter I can be, I took her to Pavilion to watch it.

I used my Digi Priority voucher, where I got 2 movie tickets at the price of 1!
Incredible isn't it...that's what you got for being loyal to Digi...they upgrade my status to Digi Priority Customer a few months ago.
Looking forward whatever in the box for me soon :D

Talking about This Is It documentary movie, me and mom were laughing and smiling all the way in the cinema.
Michael was a genius.
The documentary movie prove it. A down to earth person, care for the environment, and most of all, a loving person.

Mom suggested a Girls Day Out with maksu and Tia soon.
Yes, maksu pun nak tengok This Is It!
Tia? no comment.LOL...

I've change this blog layout. Plus, I have also upgraded the blog to the new setting. I have been blogging since the past 4, 5 years, and I get used to the old layout and style. Now, I wanna try the new setting blogspot had offer me long time ago. I love the colour and the design (paisley!). I'm crazy about pasley, but mom is crazier about it...
This layout gives me a more relax, calm, grown up look but still sophisticated. Perhaps, I might change my blog title too?
No more polka dots? I love polka dots. Crazy about it... polka dots are cute...but at the moment, I need change.
How about, "Harim....the blogger"

I'm just wondering, how can I show my 2 followers on this blog?
Ye, follower saya ada 2 orang je! :P cute izit
Thank you so much for being my follower  ;)

Please advice



Sherry said...

such fun night out I miss all that coz mom at another home

harim hamdan said...

yes, sometimes i just follow what ever she wanna do, u know, it will be all different once u get married and move out from her house right. ;)