Saturday, February 27, 2010

Festival Kraf @ Kraftangan

Hey everyone, these 2 weeks I'll be very busy at Kraftangan, helping my aunt with her booth there.

Auntie is selling Batik print Scarfs, Wrap-around sarong, tops ( tie & dye, kimono, tunic style tops), Handbags, Pashmina and many more. Price range are from as low as RM5.

Do come to our booth ya.
Tomorrow, the festival starts at 10am until 10pm. Weekdays starts at 10am until 8pm. It's from 24th Feb - 8th March.

Come around and support the local batik industry :)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Malacca, Jonker Street

Malacca offers variety of things for me to explore and see.

This has been my countless time visiting the historical city.

And this time around, I managed to capture the faces that kept Jonker Street alives and vibrant.

for more photos, please visit my fotopage.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Teaser of the Engagement Ceremony

Ana & Am's  Engagement Today 

And yet again, another close friend of mine is getting engage. Congratulations to both of you. The picture of her above was taken during our short trip to Penang.

See you soon!


Iman is 10!

My little adorable cousin has turned 10 last Thursday and her party was held at her home in UK Perdana, on Saturday.

Only some of us yang datang to the party, my other uncle balik kampung, and my another uncle had to study for his PAM exam, so it's only just a few of us that could stay until midnight.

Iman was happy enough although only 4 out from 10 friends she invited came. Iman requested the musical chair games on her party, and so they played it eventhough the chairs were big for them. My aunty had this long bench, so we all decided that the bench can only sit for 1 person je, if not, sampai bila pun tak abis main musical chair LOL.

Aaanyways, the party ended at about I'm not sure, but suddenly I realized that everyone has gone back home.

To Iman, Happy 10th Birthday dear, hope you had a blast! Click on the picture to have full view

Adnan Sempit

I'm not sure what kind of risk I will get if I blog about Adnan Sempit (malay movie now on the cinema) here. I also not sure if its worth to blog about. Maybe the risk is that I might loose my credibility of selecting good Malay movie to watch. I've been boycotting to watch all the crap malay movie they made in the cinema, and only watched it during Hari Raya festival where all the TV stations will showed those rejected malay movies. 

My sister went back from work one day and quickly opened up and search for this movie's trailer. She told me it was hilarious when she watched the trailer at the cinema. I did LOL when we watched the trailer. 

The synopsis of the movie : 

Known as Nan Sempit by his friends, Adnan (Shaheizy Sam) is an orphan and a 'mat rempit' who decides to move to the big city in Kuala Lumpur after being treated unfairly by his aunt's family. During his stay in KL, Adnan lives with his elder brother Macha (Cat Farish) and works as a dispatch guy at a private company. He develops a friendly relationship with his boss, Nadia (Intan Ladyana) who comes from a very wealthy family. Soon, their relationship turns sour when an argument breaks open between Adnan and Zack.

I simply enjoyed watching it. I watched it twice already. 
And of course, will be waiting right in front of the TV when the movie run for one of Hari Raya TV program this year.

Happy b-day Bart! May everyhing you hope and wish for come true. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki hendak-Nya. Amin .


Saturday, February 13, 2010


My result came out yesterday. I didn't expect to pass with flying colours :D

I must admit that I jumped up and down and running to a few laps around my not so big size condo home :P
The exam paper was tough, 2 of it was superbly tough, and another 2 was okay. I know maybe some of you always got good flying colours result, but not me. I usually scored average if not good. So, I'm thrilled with this one.

I met Vina on train the other train, the last time I saw her was at Miu's birthday party. It was good to see her. Today is my cousin's birthday party, she's 10 years old. I got her a cute little journal in shape of butterfly where she can ensemble the journal herself with strings and beads included in the set. I remember when I was her age, I love those stuff, you know, cute journals, beads. My auntie always gave me journal every new year and I would write all things that I consider as secrets in it...LOL...Hope Iman would love this one.


Monday, February 01, 2010

It's Semester Break.... Again!!! *grinning*

Hip hip hooray! (3x)

I can't believe that it has been and again, another semester break, which means, its already 2 breaks and 3 more semester to go! WOW!

This time around, we can jump up and down for a month break :D

Okay, not really, the truth is, we still need to figure out stuff for our next methodology class, where we have to write a paper.

I'm going to enjoy my break in total balance like these:

I'll go for work (will be a workaholic for a month)
~so far I have one photography job waiting,  one part time job done, having another part time job waiting, an the usual data entry part time job working

I'll be going off for a relaxing beach holiday soon

I'll have to work on my photography website
~please do this quick! pending

I'll need to start doing the research
~importante! pending

Exam was unpredictable and some was okay. Gosh, hate it! Who likes exam anyway?

Selamat Hari Wilayah to all KL-lites 
 Selamat Hari Jadi to my good friend Elly!

For this post, I'll leave you with some of the study group pictures we had during the exam week.



One whole fun day at DARC

The other Sunday, I got the chance to do a part-time job at a horse no no..I didn't deal with the horses, don't worry, I helped my friend for the soft launch of the company his working with.

It was an easy job anyways :D

So, just click on this link to read on further information of the place Denai Alam Recreation Centre

Basically, the place is where anyone can meet and have great fun while enjoying the nature and especially the horses. You can do horse-riding (maybe there's a little fee charge, not sure) , there's food too for those who just want to do a meet up with friends. As for the food, I was being informed that there will be no price for food, it's up to customer to donate how much they want for a buffet of Makanan Minang. Yes, you read it right, it's up to you how much you want to pay/donate.

And so, the donation will be collected to maintain the place, the horses and also to give some to the orphanage. I was also being told that every weekend, kids from orphanage homes will come down to the place for activities, horse riding and many more. I really love to see what they are doing, giving back to the needy and lots and lots of charity.

Besides from the charity work, visitors can also enroll themselves into the horse-riding class which I have also being informed, way affordable than any other horse riding in the town.

I was lucky to get the chance to see the place, and of course to mingle with everyone there who were so friendly and lovely!

Enjoy the pictures!