Saturday, February 13, 2010


My result came out yesterday. I didn't expect to pass with flying colours :D

I must admit that I jumped up and down and running to a few laps around my not so big size condo home :P
The exam paper was tough, 2 of it was superbly tough, and another 2 was okay. I know maybe some of you always got good flying colours result, but not me. I usually scored average if not good. So, I'm thrilled with this one.

I met Vina on train the other train, the last time I saw her was at Miu's birthday party. It was good to see her. Today is my cousin's birthday party, she's 10 years old. I got her a cute little journal in shape of butterfly where she can ensemble the journal herself with strings and beads included in the set. I remember when I was her age, I love those stuff, you know, cute journals, beads. My auntie always gave me journal every new year and I would write all things that I consider as secrets in it...LOL...Hope Iman would love this one.


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