Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iman is 10!

My little adorable cousin has turned 10 last Thursday and her party was held at her home in UK Perdana, on Saturday.

Only some of us yang datang to the party, my other uncle balik kampung, and my another uncle had to study for his PAM exam, so it's only just a few of us that could stay until midnight.

Iman was happy enough although only 4 out from 10 friends she invited came. Iman requested the musical chair games on her party, and so they played it eventhough the chairs were big for them. My aunty had this long bench, so we all decided that the bench can only sit for 1 person je, if not, sampai bila pun tak abis main musical chair LOL.

Aaanyways, the party ended at about I'm not sure, but suddenly I realized that everyone has gone back home.

To Iman, Happy 10th Birthday dear, hope you had a blast! Click on the picture to have full view


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