Monday, February 01, 2010

One whole fun day at DARC

The other Sunday, I got the chance to do a part-time job at a horse no no..I didn't deal with the horses, don't worry, I helped my friend for the soft launch of the company his working with.

It was an easy job anyways :D

So, just click on this link to read on further information of the place Denai Alam Recreation Centre

Basically, the place is where anyone can meet and have great fun while enjoying the nature and especially the horses. You can do horse-riding (maybe there's a little fee charge, not sure) , there's food too for those who just want to do a meet up with friends. As for the food, I was being informed that there will be no price for food, it's up to customer to donate how much they want for a buffet of Makanan Minang. Yes, you read it right, it's up to you how much you want to pay/donate.

And so, the donation will be collected to maintain the place, the horses and also to give some to the orphanage. I was also being told that every weekend, kids from orphanage homes will come down to the place for activities, horse riding and many more. I really love to see what they are doing, giving back to the needy and lots and lots of charity.

Besides from the charity work, visitors can also enroll themselves into the horse-riding class which I have also being informed, way affordable than any other horse riding in the town.

I was lucky to get the chance to see the place, and of course to mingle with everyone there who were so friendly and lovely!

Enjoy the pictures!


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