Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LaSenza My World!

I had fun the other day looking for gifts at LaSenza Pavilion.

I don't know why, but I had the intention giving my friends their birthday presents even though its already belated. So, LaSenza was the perfect choice.

LaSenza is on slash price and the bargain is good. As being a member, I got another 10% discount for any of the discounted item in the stores. Their massive discount is on the Lola and Coco collection.

I bought 2 items for my good friend and a sleepwear top for Cuna in Blue. And of course, a pink canvas Lola and Coco collection bag for myself, it's actually something I bought as a treat from Kak Nisha. Thanks Kak Sha! :D

Other items on great discount at LaSenza is their accessories, sleepwear, some sleepwear that you can wear for  a day out, sexy lingerie and many more. Sungguh ternoda saya melihat barang barang disana...unfortunately, I had to stick with my budget.

A few days after the LaSenza spree, I went back to the store again and found this cute little Lipstick Pen at 50% off. I think it was so adorable that I must have one....after the slash price + 10% member discount, I only paid for RM8++ for the Lipstick Pen.

I want to make a complete set for my bestie's birthday gift. I got her already 2 items from LaSenza, but I do think that the top I bought need to be paired with a short/brief. And of course, need to stick with budget too. I search high and low for branded short/brief to go along with the Lola and Coco top I got from LaSenza earlier. But everything I found was out of my budget range. I decided to look for LaSenza Express inside Parkson, Pavilion. Thank goodness, I found a brief matching with the top I bought. And its within the budget. Yayy!

There's one more friend of mine whom I haven't got her birthday gift yet. I'm not sure which one she prefer, LaSenza Lola and Coco range or some skin care set, cause I know she wouldn't want any makeup as she splurge on Stila sale before. Still thinking ;)


P/S: i want the bedroom slipper, one of the cute tops and etc etc...cepatlah gaji!!!

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cuna said...

I luv da blue sleepwear top so much! thx a lot babe. nak tengok ur pink canvas bag tu. amik la pic letak kat blog :) btw here is my new blog link
Blog lame dah tutup