Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vote For Nurbaiti Hamdan

I've checked all the list below for today except for one thing ...

  • Breakfast (check)
  • Start homework (check)
  • Laundry (check)
  • Make up sister for friend's wedding (check)
  • Continue homework (check)
  • Lunch (check)
  • Laundry (check)
  • Zohor (check)
  • Blog about sister's entry for "Blog for FT" contest 

This is a last minute attempt which I'm suppose to get it done a few days ago. My sister, Baiti, is already shortlisted as one of the grand winner for the contest as she won the monthly prizes. Tomorrow night is the night for prize giving ceremony and most probably the organizer will announce the grand prize winner there. Therefore, my dearest friends and readers, please vote for her entry for her to win the grand prize. 

Simple step, just click on the word entry above, or you may copy paste this link , if you have more time, you are welcome to read what she blog about for the contest.
As you scroll down, you will find a button for voting, click on the button and you will be direct to the voting page. Scroll down a bit, and click any of the stars picture. 


If you just wanna help us by voting without reading the entry, just click here or copy paste this link and you can click on the stars picture for voting. 

Your vote is crucial. Please please help her win :D

Thank you so much if you have vote or going to do so after reading this. luv ya luv ya luv ya!

Below is pictures of her entry, it's quite interesting :)

top page 

middle page (that's her in black tudung)

middle page (the event she wrote for the contest)

bottom page ( there's the button for voting)

Okay now I can continue doing my homework.(check)



Miu said...

ok :D done!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOUR SIS!

harim hamdan said...

thanx miu.

unfortunately, she didn't win. her colleague did.