Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Benefit / Bonia Workshop

I went for Benefit Workshop last Thursday with my good good friend Faten.

How we both love free workshop, let the pictures do the talking :D

From Faten's Camera Phone
applying the mascara carefully

yup, they borrow Clinique's mirror . tak cukup cermin 

faten got her brow done

she is interested in something already

"so u like?" asked the s/a. faten,"hmmm, lemme think about it first"


yup yup, definately done 

From Harim's Camera Phone
okay lemme show you guys my new handphone as bday gift from Tia, Maksu & Uncle Yue :D
the picture quality: SUPERB

fatin and sabrina were there too :D

the hot make up artist from benefit, i heard Ooo La La?

owh, faten again now with eye-shadow in the making

face chart...i always have no idea how to use it :P

boiing boiing boiing

if only i have this much of cosmetic on my dressing table

i heart bathina ;)

the e/s color used on me *natural look*

this is the freebies from Benefit (shah, eat your heart out!) muahahahaha

after the cool benefit workshop, faten treated me with food as birthday treat..nyum! 

So, on the following weekend, I went to Bonia workshop. I only sign up for this workshop just because my friend wanted to go to any of the workshop there. So, only Bonia left, and we decided to join the workshop. But at the last minute, my friend back off as she has urgent thing and I went to the workshop alone.

Bila sampai, the sa told me that she's waiting for another two person, but after a few minutes, she decided to start the workshop with only me. It is more to her introducing all the new collection and Bonia product to me. 

Okay, first thought in mind, this workshop would be so boring and what the heck was I doing in the kedai brand orang tua tua ...yes, all this while,I have never attracted to any of Bonia design, either it's handbags, purse, watches, shoes etc. But but, I was so wrong!

The workshop showed me some other part of Bonia I have never knew. Barang2 mereka tidaklah semuanya berkonsepkan orang tua / too adult / boring design. They do have designs suitable with those who is young at heart and also on face :D

For example, this bag here. Okay this is actually pretty serious for youngsters, but I like the pattern as it looks classy. Yup, suitable for office wear. This one cost around a thousand. 

This handbag is made from Ostrich leather. If you can see, the bag has dots on it, that is because Ostrich skin originally like that. At first glance, it looks pretty unique, but saya ni penggeli orangnye, I can't see things with a lot of dots like that, so, I don't think I'm gonna wear this type of leather in a long way. This one cost around thousands. 

I love this one. You know how sometimes you wish to travel with only one bag for your short holiday trip. This one can do so. It's actually big, tapi dekat gambar ni macam kecik. This bag is big, yet its handy for you to carry around. It's made of cow leather and it's pretty solid. Price around thousands (most of Bonia handbag is 100% leather and cost thousands).

the s/a tried to show me the inside of the luggage cause i told her i really like the design 


so, here is my favorite, a tote handbag. lawakan? got in pink also. this one cost at rm1750 if im not mistaken.

so, at the end of the workshop, i got these gift here, a cash voucher worth rm50.

hehe...ada sapa berani dekat?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still In Love (Kissing You)

I was at the office, doing my work when I listened to my colleague's playlist on his computer. One playlist after another, I felt in love with most of the songs he has.

Suddenly, I saw this title, Still In Love (Kissing You). I recognized "Kissing You" title from the soundtrack of 1992 Romeo and Juliet played by Leonardo DiCaprio and my all time favorite actress, Claire Danes. I love love love the song Kissing You by Desree, the first time I watched the movie.

And so, I clicked on the song and carefully listened. The starting was lovely...and came to the middle verse, getting better and the chorus was really really nice.I couldn't help myself from feeling overwhelmed when the song came to the bridge part. Beyonce had arranged it nicely.

I'm in love with the song, yeah, Still In Love...although its the new version of Kissing You.

Click here to listen to the song. If you have never heard Desree's Kissing You, I promise you that this song will touch your heart and soul ;)

Here's the lyric for you guys to sing a long.

I'm so in love,
I'm still in love... 

I never met love 
Quite before,
Until I saw your face
And watching stars without you, 
My soul cries
My heaving heart
Is full of pain
When we're apart;
The aching

I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

You're my father, you're my soldier,
You protect me, boy you saved me, 
You're my best friend, you're my husband
You are my doctor, couselor, provider, professor, my everything 
And I love you, I love you, I love you, yes I love you, I
I need you, I need you, I need you, I can't live without you
I trust you, I trust you, with every ounce of me
Just teach me boy, teach me, just take me

When we make love I can feel all your spirit 
Deep inside of me, yeah
Baby, you're so pure

I'm kissing you, forever and ever and ever
I love kissing you, kissing you, kissing you

I love everything about you baby
It's been so many years since we found love
We got something special, baby
We can cry together
We can grow together
Be ourselves together

And I love you, 
More than music
Yes, I love you
More than music

I'd rather be
Kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Kissing you...

muahh muahh...

me (i love kissing you, muahh muahh)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Between Charles&Keith and Cotton On

Today, I went out with my sweet sweet Kak Sha who are in KL right now for work. Kak Sha ended up buying a Cotton On sleepwear t-shirt for only RM45 (this one if you wear, sure tak bangun2 unless ada orang simbah air kat muke) , Charles&Keith pump shoe for work ( I love the pale pink colour) and also working attire from Padini.

tengah jalan-jalan, tetibe bumped into Kak Linda yang tengah pregnant 6 months.Cuteness!

Kak Sha was looking for working attire

Style: Boho-chic :D
Scarf: Alpha Angel
Handbag: Nicci (eh korang, mcm mane nak spell nicci?)
Accessories: Elephant necklace from flea market The curve
Paisley design ring from India
Black Top Wrap Around: MNG
Long Skirt: Somerset Bay (birthday present from mom)
Shoe: Flat Sandal from Island Shop (somehow I think the shoe spoil the entire outfit)

This is my sweet sweet Kak Sha

Camwhoring in the fitting room. Note, the phone is birthday gift from Maksu&Tia

Kak Sha filling in Padini member card form

Teramat lapar I only snap pictures after we done eating :D

I love this scrumptious omelette oyster...burrpp..

While we were at both stores (Cotton On + Charles&Keith), Kak Sha asked me if there's anything I want from the store for my birthday...he he he...mestilah ada :P
She said, just picked any, she would buy for me...alangkah best nye kalau hari-hari dapat offer macam tu besides for birthday.

I am so thrilled that I don't know which one to choose. It's either between this classic Charles&Keith brown sandal .....

or the owh-so-comfy Cotton On Long Cardi.

What you guys think? Which one should I picked for birthday gift?


Please vote for me

This has to be fast. Saya nak keluar dengan kawan nih. So, this morning I randomly checked the website Tongue in Chic  for the contest I entered early April. It was a non-plan contest I entered as I even submit my entry a few hours before the closing.

So to cut things short, I am now on the top 5 finalists. The thing is I need you guys to vote for me as many as you can. The closing date for voting was on 16th April, but I only learned that I was the finalist today. I tried to vote for myself and click on my name, and they still count the vote.

I am desperately need you guys to vote, as one IP address only can vote for once for every hour. I don't know if they will count the vote, but just trying my luck.

I thought the organizer would email the finalist for notification that they are in the top 5.

Please vote for me here (click on it)

My entry is the first picture in the list (the above picture)

Thank you so much


Saturday, April 17, 2010

ehem ehem, you know what does this mean? more free shopping for me! yayy!

i went to lovely penang island last weekend, i couldn't help to notice this great effort to not use plastic bag on monday, tuesday and wednesday. if im not mistaken, it is applicable to most of the shopping mall shops. i forgot to bring along my starbucks recycle bag so i had to put the purchased item i bought inside my handbag. owh well, gladly to do so :)


Ini Ada Cerita Threading

The other week, I tried a new place for threading. It's nearby the office, around Semua House area. It was the worst experience of threading ever I had in my entire life!

Not just the service was very poor, also, the result of threading was terrifying, seperti minah rempit sepenoh masa i might say.

I told her I don't want to have very thin brow. I told her twice.
She ignored me completely and when she's done with one side of brow, she showed it to me. I complained and said, "ni nipis sangat la" and she replied that it must be done that way in order to create the shape bla bla bla.

Owh, sangat geram yang teramat sangat.and even if i yelled at her, she can't put back the brow back to its original place right.

So I said, "hmmmm", this is when she replied,"okay, happy?"

Happy kepala hotak hang!

haaa..tu aku da geram la tu kan. Yeah, but I did't say it out was all uttered beneath my breath.

So she proceed with the other brow.the left one.
This time around, you know what happen. She make it uneven compare to the right one, and its much thinner!


*i think those words are too harsh for me to utter :D

I am really really I have to wait for a few weeks to get back my bushy brows back and get it done at my usual place in Ampang Point.Sumpah aku tak nak pergi lagi kedai tuh.

Owh, did I mention she was so harsh in doing it.
Main tolak2 je muke aku nih, ketepi ketengah kedepan kebelakang.

In another happier story, I got these for my birthday :D
Colleague at the office gave me these, how thoughtful are they heh :D

ooo yeah, its 8th April and I am now proudly to say, I'm 27 years old ;)


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vouchers, vouchers, vouchers....

Hey lovely girls, I have a few vouchers for facial etc that I don't think I want to use. Will post up here the vouchers, and will send to you girls for free.

Wait for that ya.
Need to take pictures of the vouchers first :)


Friday, April 02, 2010

Present for Mom and Extra Something for Me ....

My mom's birthday was on 30th March, and mine is 8th April. So we share the same starsign, Aries.

Mama dan saya memiliki banyak persamaan walaupun muke kitorang tak same.

We have the same taste on clothes.

Kami berdua adalah jurugambar dan berminat mengambil gambar.

We like oldies songs

Mama dan saya juga suka shopping...when it sales :D

And the list goes on and on..

For her birthday, me and sister gave her a green blouse from Passenger and $$ for her to spend during the Metrojaya Warehouse sale at Bukit Jalil :D

As for me, I redeemed the Shu Uemura cleasing oil at Isetan Lot 10. I'm happy with the s/a whom was very nice and friendly.a guy s/a.

I also got this Eyelashes/Eyebrow nutrients from The Face Shop. I saw it at TFS counter in Isetan Lot 10, just in front Shu's counter. Just trying the product as the s/a claimed it can give lashes moisture and care (i also don't know what the hell was she talk about :D)
Retail at $19.90 after 40% less, it was $11 something. Well, reasonable price for me to try.
Just apply it on your lashes like mascara and comb it through your eyebrow.

And bile sampai rumah, terus ternampak postbox macam terbukak. I bukak pintu box yang dah dicerobohi itu and saw a big package inside.
Stupid postman must have done it. Maybe he's too lazy to look for the unit and kopak kan pintu peti surat rumah saya...if not, how can the big packaging fit to masuk inside the mail slip-through window.
Gila ke ape postman tuh.

Now I have to carik orang or call the management to fix it. You can even see the mail was not in good condition anymore. Owh, lupe nak cakap the packaging was from Kimberly-Clark, sending me the a box of Kotex-Luxe sample like the one Hana  got. The packaging even kemek kemek here and there. Let alone the appreciation letter from Kimberly-Clark management.
look at the letter! 
the box also slightly kemek okay!

And this one here is the bag I bought during LaSenza sale. My bestie also got one just the same. It was so cute that I also wanted it :D
I can throw almost everything inside the bag. It's a good traveling bag too where I can put Mineral water, magazine, face mist, make up bag, purse, pad, etc etc. 

yes i am fabulous! fabulousity Kimora! :D

i love the inside design too...i am crazy about stripes.