Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Benefit / Bonia Workshop

I went for Benefit Workshop last Thursday with my good good friend Faten.

How we both love free workshop, let the pictures do the talking :D

From Faten's Camera Phone
applying the mascara carefully

yup, they borrow Clinique's mirror . tak cukup cermin 

faten got her brow done

she is interested in something already

"so u like?" asked the s/a. faten,"hmmm, lemme think about it first"


yup yup, definately done 

From Harim's Camera Phone
okay lemme show you guys my new handphone as bday gift from Tia, Maksu & Uncle Yue :D
the picture quality: SUPERB

fatin and sabrina were there too :D

the hot make up artist from benefit, i heard Ooo La La?

owh, faten again now with eye-shadow in the making

face chart...i always have no idea how to use it :P

boiing boiing boiing

if only i have this much of cosmetic on my dressing table

i heart bathina ;)

the e/s color used on me *natural look*

this is the freebies from Benefit (shah, eat your heart out!) muahahahaha

after the cool benefit workshop, faten treated me with food as birthday treat..nyum! 

So, on the following weekend, I went to Bonia workshop. I only sign up for this workshop just because my friend wanted to go to any of the workshop there. So, only Bonia left, and we decided to join the workshop. But at the last minute, my friend back off as she has urgent thing and I went to the workshop alone.

Bila sampai, the sa told me that she's waiting for another two person, but after a few minutes, she decided to start the workshop with only me. It is more to her introducing all the new collection and Bonia product to me. 

Okay, first thought in mind, this workshop would be so boring and what the heck was I doing in the kedai brand orang tua tua ...yes, all this while,I have never attracted to any of Bonia design, either it's handbags, purse, watches, shoes etc. But but, I was so wrong!

The workshop showed me some other part of Bonia I have never knew. Barang2 mereka tidaklah semuanya berkonsepkan orang tua / too adult / boring design. They do have designs suitable with those who is young at heart and also on face :D

For example, this bag here. Okay this is actually pretty serious for youngsters, but I like the pattern as it looks classy. Yup, suitable for office wear. This one cost around a thousand. 

This handbag is made from Ostrich leather. If you can see, the bag has dots on it, that is because Ostrich skin originally like that. At first glance, it looks pretty unique, but saya ni penggeli orangnye, I can't see things with a lot of dots like that, so, I don't think I'm gonna wear this type of leather in a long way. This one cost around thousands. 

I love this one. You know how sometimes you wish to travel with only one bag for your short holiday trip. This one can do so. It's actually big, tapi dekat gambar ni macam kecik. This bag is big, yet its handy for you to carry around. It's made of cow leather and it's pretty solid. Price around thousands (most of Bonia handbag is 100% leather and cost thousands).

the s/a tried to show me the inside of the luggage cause i told her i really like the design 


so, here is my favorite, a tote handbag. lawakan? got in pink also. this one cost at rm1750 if im not mistaken.

so, at the end of the workshop, i got these gift here, a cash voucher worth rm50.

hehe...ada sapa berani dekat?



cuna said...

nice makeup :) owh that one handset baru rupenye. If I tau sure nak belek2 hari tu :D

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

waaaa, dapat lippy, now i'm excited to go to my benefit workshop, heee~ anyway,what's with the salabianca bracelet ya??? seems like all workshop giving out the bracelet kan??? hehehhe =P

Nurul Husna said...

mmg cun + classy lah handbag ostrich skin tuuuuuu.

btw, makeup cun. jeles x dpt buat.

harim hamdan said...

cuna: baru for me lah, but maksu i punye, dia pakai bb, so bagi i tuh.

ayna: i think it's their way of promoting their product. eg: i went to their boutique after bonia workshop to it's working la kot.btw, the bracelets we got only cost around rm15-rm20...still, free stuff, who cares!

nurul:how's ur face now?

Nurul Husna said...

harim, my face cond is a lot more better than that day. ade picture lintah sdg memanjat muka kat blog i. nnt u tgkla kalo tak geli. hihihi :P

PelaburEmas said...

guapita:nak gak bracelet tu!korang kejam!!!hik hik!aku terkejut ko watpe kat bonia nye workshop plak!!!