Sunday, April 18, 2010

Between Charles&Keith and Cotton On

Today, I went out with my sweet sweet Kak Sha who are in KL right now for work. Kak Sha ended up buying a Cotton On sleepwear t-shirt for only RM45 (this one if you wear, sure tak bangun2 unless ada orang simbah air kat muke) , Charles&Keith pump shoe for work ( I love the pale pink colour) and also working attire from Padini.

tengah jalan-jalan, tetibe bumped into Kak Linda yang tengah pregnant 6 months.Cuteness!

Kak Sha was looking for working attire

Style: Boho-chic :D
Scarf: Alpha Angel
Handbag: Nicci (eh korang, mcm mane nak spell nicci?)
Accessories: Elephant necklace from flea market The curve
Paisley design ring from India
Black Top Wrap Around: MNG
Long Skirt: Somerset Bay (birthday present from mom)
Shoe: Flat Sandal from Island Shop (somehow I think the shoe spoil the entire outfit)

This is my sweet sweet Kak Sha

Camwhoring in the fitting room. Note, the phone is birthday gift from Maksu&Tia

Kak Sha filling in Padini member card form

Teramat lapar I only snap pictures after we done eating :D

I love this scrumptious omelette oyster...burrpp..

While we were at both stores (Cotton On + Charles&Keith), Kak Sha asked me if there's anything I want from the store for my birthday...he he he...mestilah ada :P
She said, just picked any, she would buy for me...alangkah best nye kalau hari-hari dapat offer macam tu besides for birthday.

I am so thrilled that I don't know which one to choose. It's either between this classic Charles&Keith brown sandal .....

or the owh-so-comfy Cotton On Long Cardi.

What you guys think? Which one should I picked for birthday gift?



Intan said...

Hi there!

I would choose the sweater, because it's a better pick. The shoes, altough nice but I think we've seen similar shoes in other places like Vincci, so you can get that similar design in other stores. So for your birthday gift in my opinion the sweater is a btter choice la. maybe a stronger color? pun ok
By the way I think this is first time I enter your blog if I havent come by before from what I remember. Just givin my opinion : P

harim hamdan said...

Hi Intan..

thank you for the opinion..yup, i did pick the long cardi ;) memang hati berat nak tu pun.. hehe..

plus, i takot the sandal, akan rosak apabila dibelasah dengan, macam tak worth the price. better bile yg murah sikit and can belasah secukupnya :D

ya, i think this is the first time your here.Welcome Intan! :)

Anonymous said...

arim...aku vote cardigan tu gak!aku dah lama carik cardigan macam tu yg panjang!!!uwauuuuuu!!!kalo ko x mau ko kasi aku!(*,)- guapita!

harim hamdan said...


tak dapek la nk kasik ko..tapi murah gk, rm69 cm tuh..kat cotton lah beli, ade kaler hitam, putih and this grey.

aku mmg ari tu choose cardi nih ;D

nnt jumpe ko aku pakai eh :D