Saturday, April 17, 2010

ehem ehem, you know what does this mean? more free shopping for me! yayy!

i went to lovely penang island last weekend, i couldn't help to notice this great effort to not use plastic bag on monday, tuesday and wednesday. if im not mistaken, it is applicable to most of the shopping mall shops. i forgot to bring along my starbucks recycle bag so i had to put the purchased item i bought inside my handbag. owh well, gladly to do so :)



cuna said...

wowww dpt voucher. how much u need to spend to get those?emm i kene boikot isetan at least until the end of this year :(

harim hamdan said...

hoho...tak yah spend ape ape pun.
actually, that voucher is from my friend. dia dpt from his company for his i buat muke kucing shrek and got the voucher :P

why u boikot?

cuna said...

of coz bcos of the RMK incident :( my worst shopping experience at Isetan that i'll nvr forget