Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ini Ada Cerita Threading

The other week, I tried a new place for threading. It's nearby the office, around Semua House area. It was the worst experience of threading ever I had in my entire life!

Not just the service was very poor, also, the result of threading was terrifying, seperti minah rempit sepenoh masa i might say.

I told her I don't want to have very thin brow. I told her twice.
She ignored me completely and when she's done with one side of brow, she showed it to me. I complained and said, "ni nipis sangat la" and she replied that it must be done that way in order to create the shape bla bla bla.

Owh, sangat geram yang teramat sangat.and even if i yelled at her, she can't put back the brow back to its original place right.

So I said, "hmmmm", this is when she replied,"okay, happy?"

Happy kepala hotak hang!

haaa..tu aku da geram la tu kan. Yeah, but I did't say it out was all uttered beneath my breath.

So she proceed with the other brow.the left one.
This time around, you know what happen. She make it uneven compare to the right one, and its much thinner!


*i think those words are too harsh for me to utter :D

I am really really I have to wait for a few weeks to get back my bushy brows back and get it done at my usual place in Ampang Point.Sumpah aku tak nak pergi lagi kedai tuh.

Owh, did I mention she was so harsh in doing it.
Main tolak2 je muke aku nih, ketepi ketengah kedepan kebelakang.

In another happier story, I got these for my birthday :D
Colleague at the office gave me these, how thoughtful are they heh :D

ooo yeah, its 8th April and I am now proudly to say, I'm 27 years old ;)


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