Sunday, April 18, 2010

Please vote for me

This has to be fast. Saya nak keluar dengan kawan nih. So, this morning I randomly checked the website Tongue in Chic  for the contest I entered early April. It was a non-plan contest I entered as I even submit my entry a few hours before the closing.

So to cut things short, I am now on the top 5 finalists. The thing is I need you guys to vote for me as many as you can. The closing date for voting was on 16th April, but I only learned that I was the finalist today. I tried to vote for myself and click on my name, and they still count the vote.

I am desperately need you guys to vote, as one IP address only can vote for once for every hour. I don't know if they will count the vote, but just trying my luck.

I thought the organizer would email the finalist for notification that they are in the top 5.

Please vote for me here (click on it)

My entry is the first picture in the list (the above picture)

Thank you so much


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