Friday, April 02, 2010

Present for Mom and Extra Something for Me ....

My mom's birthday was on 30th March, and mine is 8th April. So we share the same starsign, Aries.

Mama dan saya memiliki banyak persamaan walaupun muke kitorang tak same.

We have the same taste on clothes.

Kami berdua adalah jurugambar dan berminat mengambil gambar.

We like oldies songs

Mama dan saya juga suka shopping...when it sales :D

And the list goes on and on..

For her birthday, me and sister gave her a green blouse from Passenger and $$ for her to spend during the Metrojaya Warehouse sale at Bukit Jalil :D

As for me, I redeemed the Shu Uemura cleasing oil at Isetan Lot 10. I'm happy with the s/a whom was very nice and friendly.a guy s/a.

I also got this Eyelashes/Eyebrow nutrients from The Face Shop. I saw it at TFS counter in Isetan Lot 10, just in front Shu's counter. Just trying the product as the s/a claimed it can give lashes moisture and care (i also don't know what the hell was she talk about :D)
Retail at $19.90 after 40% less, it was $11 something. Well, reasonable price for me to try.
Just apply it on your lashes like mascara and comb it through your eyebrow.

And bile sampai rumah, terus ternampak postbox macam terbukak. I bukak pintu box yang dah dicerobohi itu and saw a big package inside.
Stupid postman must have done it. Maybe he's too lazy to look for the unit and kopak kan pintu peti surat rumah saya...if not, how can the big packaging fit to masuk inside the mail slip-through window.
Gila ke ape postman tuh.

Now I have to carik orang or call the management to fix it. You can even see the mail was not in good condition anymore. Owh, lupe nak cakap the packaging was from Kimberly-Clark, sending me the a box of Kotex-Luxe sample like the one Hana  got. The packaging even kemek kemek here and there. Let alone the appreciation letter from Kimberly-Clark management.
look at the letter! 
the box also slightly kemek okay!

And this one here is the bag I bought during LaSenza sale. My bestie also got one just the same. It was so cute that I also wanted it :D
I can throw almost everything inside the bag. It's a good traveling bag too where I can put Mineral water, magazine, face mist, make up bag, purse, pad, etc etc. 

yes i am fabulous! fabulousity Kimora! :D

i love the inside design too...i am crazy about stripes.



Sherry said...

oh pink bag so pretty :D

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Wahhh u got Kotex Luxe for free? How come? ^0^ I beli sendri je, hehe tp sebek la murah kn?

But how do u find the pads eh? Hmm I rse cam xbest sgt je? My opinion la...

harim hamdan said...

hmm i pun da lupa la hana. tp i think i rs register online or something for free sample kot. i pun lupe..

tak pakai lagi. i suke kotex yg biasa je tuh..senang basuh

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Haha jawapan yg jujur & telus. I like~

I pn ske the plain old Kotex Maxi. Sometimes I use Stayfree. I xamik pot pn designer2 pad ni. But I just like the luxe-looking black tin!