Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vouchers, vouchers, vouchers....

Hey lovely girls, I have a few vouchers for facial etc that I don't think I want to use. Will post up here the vouchers, and will send to you girls for free.

Wait for that ya.
Need to take pictures of the vouchers first :)



HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Wahhh vouchers?! U ade voucher ape ye Harim? I da bkurun xwat facial, kesian~

I have;
1) Benefit Brow Arch @ parkson Pavilion. Valid till 15/05/10.

2) RM30 JASPAL voucher. Valid till 30/4/2010.

Jom swap? ;)

harim hamdan said...

oh nak nak...

vouchers kat rumah, rite now im at school..

nnt i balik i tgk ya vouchers ape..i have 2 vouchers :D can swap both la ya

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Sure no prob at all. I brought along both vouchers with me to BP, though we have no Benefit nor Jaspal, lol~

Let me know soon what u have yea. I'll be more than happy to mail 'em to u asap. ;)

harim hamdan said...


i have 3 vouchers for u. u choose lah ya.

1. Clara International - Facial Treatment Voucher (RM100) & Ad On Special Free Professional Intensive Eye Treatment (worth RM65). Valid until 30th June 2010.TnC applied.

2.Jojoba Spa - Cash Voucer (RM100). Valid for any Spa or slimming packages at all Jojoba International outlets. Valid until 31st August 2010.TnC applied.

3.SRM - Prescription-Mix face Firming (worth RM200).Valid until 15 April 2010. TnC applied.

So if you are interested let me know ya darling :D

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Hey Harim,

I'll go for no.2:Jojoba Spa - Cash Voucher(RM100) for BOTH vouchers im offering. Are u okay with that? ;)

Meanwhile, i need to google where Jojoba Spa is... =p

harim hamdan said...

You meant you want only 1 voucher in exchange of your 2 vouchers?

Why you don't want to take another 1? I'm okay with it, but it's much better if you take another one :)
fair and square.

Stated here Jojoba is at Berjaya Times Square. I visited this website but its under construction. Maybe you can try call the place, 03-21449966.


HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Yup 1x from you, for both vouchers I have. Eh xfair ke? Coz I thought both mine are nearing their validity dates; April & 15th May. Takut xfair untuk je Harim. ;)

But if u insisted, then I'll choose
1. Clara International - Facial Treatment Voucher (RM100) & Ad On Special Free Professional Intensive Eye Treatment (worth RM65) AND the JojobaSpa?

OK x? Either way im fine with it. Can I have ur email/add so I can mail em to u asap. Takut yang Jaspal voucher tu nt u xsmpt je... ;)

harim hamdan said...

Yup, please take them. I tatau pun i nak pakai bile.

Takpe, I will try see at Jaspal what they got to use the voucher ya.

okay, here is my email ill give you my address once you email me ya.

Thank uuuuuu :D