Friday, May 07, 2010

Benefit Brow Bar Giveaway by Plus Size Kitten dot blogspot

Please click here to read futher what is the giveaway all about ;)

Why I need a brow makeover?

Because the last brow threading I had was a total disaster that makes me look like a full time minah rempit. Now brows are growing again and can't wait to do a makeover so I can look nicer :)

look, it's grow. Thank God for making brows grow.

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Miu said...

haha..mat rempik?! where did u do your last brow?

harim hamdan said...

near my office at jln masjid india there.geram betul. dah lah org yg buat tu sangat rude!

SheTreasures said...

I love brow makeover!

But the last time was a total disaster cuz I did it by myself.
I just can't trust myself sometimes!

Nice blog. Gonna link ya!


Izman said...

hello hello...