Sunday, June 06, 2010

Birthday Gifts (Updated)

Tadi dah lepas dah presentation. Yay! I managed to create a website (student page) with database in 4 days :D

So, now I have time to blog about, my birthday gifts! weeeee..

My birthday was on 8th April 1983. 
And this year was the 27 times I celebrated it. Yay, happy birthday to me :P

So, without further ado, here we go:
Bday gifts from Mama & Family
1 Somerset Bay long skirt in beige, 1 Somerset Bay long skirt in brown, 1 Sisley brown clutch & 1 Vincci roman sandal.

I love them, the clutch will use it tomorrow to office, sandal only on special occasion? :P skirts, the brown one I wore 2 already and beige once, so far...Thank you mama, muahh muahh muahhh!

Bday gifts from Kak Sha
1 Cotton On Eliza cardigan & 1 Cotton On bag (ni pun suke jugak, i love the bag, i throw almost everything inside and ready to go, usually I pair these two together, really matching.sayang kak sha )

Bday gift from him
1 Levi's straight tight jeans & a trip (yahoo!)


Bday gifts from Ayna
1 Stila Kitten Silk Shimmer Gloss & 1 Bobbi Brown mini e/s
A few days before I received this package, I thought to myself how regret I was to sell my Kitten gloss. I thought I don't like it, but I think I do like it now, and that it will be a great pair with my Kitten Silk e/s.So basically, Ayna just granted my impossible wish of having the lipgloss as Stila is no longer in Malaysia ;)

Bday gift from Shahrel
Necklace and earings

Bday gift from Anne

Bday treat from Fatin

Scrumptious food from Little Penang, KLCC (cendol dia sedap, I love the kuey teow and the rice was okay je)


Bday gift from Maksu & Family 
Samsung F480 ( although this has been used, I still love it as sape je nak bagi handphone free zaman sekarang nih,and the camera megapixel is 5.0, superb! what more could u ask for)

Bday gift from Cuna and Mior
Lancome Palette 4 Ombres E/S
(yayyy!! thank u guys. mucho gracias! cuna met me at isetan klcc entrance to pass me this bday gift. of course, right after she leaves, i opened the gift right there and then, tepi jalan ye..haha..sgt excited!)

gile besar okay mirror!

Bday gift from Miu
For my birthday, Miu gave me this :D

owh, I forgot to mention, this means, not your ordinary Kotek Luxe, can you guess??

oklah, I give you clue below can guess??

tak nampak ye? okay lihatlah bawah tuuuu

tak percaya?

yelah, Benefit Some Kind A Gorgeous foundation and Lady's Choice lipstick

I like.period. :D unexpected. yayyyyyy!

Thank you for those who sending me their wishes and gifts.



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

i'm happy u love it, dear, wink2 ^_~

cuna said...

waaa weee byknye adiah. Best2 :)

SheTreasures said...

happy belated birthday.


harim hamdan said...

Thank u :D

Miu said...

hahahhaha omg.. i wasn't thinking when i use the "kotex" tin to put ur gifts inside. I thought it made a nice err..squarish thing to gift wrap present. Couldn't find a box..that day.

ROFL.. makes me laugh when i see this.. n i show to my bf.. he's like sniggering.

Ur comments I Like. Period. LOL...

harim hamdan said...


LOL....well, at least you berjaya buat i rasa pelik and suprise..

mase bukak first2, i macam, eh why wud miu wants to give me pad for bday gift....hahahha..and once open, baru woooowwww..this is unexpected!


thank u so much darling! muahh muahh

Lina said...

whoaaa another nice blog ;)
love it!

Lina said...

whoaaa another nice blog ;)
love it!