Friday, May 07, 2010

LaSenza Shopping Party Event

I went there anyways...tee hee..actually tak boleh, sebab ada assignments kene siapkan. But I really really have to go there, cause I want to buy something as birthday gift. So cepat-cepat I siapkan kerja sekolah untuk pergi ke sana.

(face:stila stick foundation, eyeliner don't know how i got it dah lame pakai, cheek stila petunia, lips bobbi brown lips stick and a layer of stila petunia)
So, this is how i look like when i'm excited to go there and relive that homework done.muke cm ala2 terkejot berok :P

At about 1pm I met Vina there. We missed the fashion show as I was late doing my assignment, so as we entered the shop, we saw beautiful and sexy cupcakes and drinks as refreshments.

So, I hurriedly scan the shop for the item I wanted to purchase. Got it!

Owh no, the bedroom slipper is not the item, something else...jeng jeng jeng....

Bedroom slippers. But this one is not really reliable if you have a small house like me, cause I used my LaSenza bedroom slipper yang-sudah-ku-campakkan-ke-dlm-tong-sampah around the house and it collect all the dirts and what not in the house. Habis hitam selipar and penyek a bit. That's why name dia pun bedroom slipper. pakai dlm bedroom je ye.

All the item was on 30% off, plus 10% if you are a member. I got mine for that much discount. Yippie!

 I grab on my purchase item and got in que. The que was long and not moving. Meanwhile, I chat with Vina as it has been months since we both see each other. The s/a was kind enough to serve us with cuppies and drinks as we were in the que... I was thirsty! After I paid for it, kissed2 Vina goodbye :(

Then singgah sekejap at Lancome Isetan to swap my Stila Multieffect Mascara with the new Lancome Mascara. I'm suprised that the s/a didn't asked me to show the cleo magazine as what I've been told by my friends. Yayy! Then hurriedly got into the train and went back home to get my car to school.

This cuppy is mine! :D


yayy, freebies.
from left: lollipop, notebook 2010/2011, sale flyer.
bottom:Lancome mascara and the item i purchased, sleeping eye mask for RM27 only :D



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

cute nye cuppies tu, hehehe n_n

Nurul Husna said...

harim, is the sleeping eye mask good? x penah ade pon slama hidup ni. :P

harim hamdan said...

i love eye mask, this one is satin, so sgt soft. i suke tido dlm kegelapan, so it help me a lot if the lampu still on while im sleeping.

get one lah, lasenza punye cumil2. :D