Monday, June 28, 2010

My Beautilicious Haul and All That's In Between

This would be my first Beautilicious product.
I have been eyeing on their product since forever, the cute packaging reminds me of Stila.
Therefore, during the Elianto warehouse sale, I get the chance to get some of the e/s. I also bought the Eye Opener Kit, but later on decided to give it to my auntie for her friend's birthday. So this are the only thing left at me.

I love the colour I picked as I don't have most of it.

In the meantime, was walking at Ampang Point last weekend when I spotted this beauutiful heels at one of the shop there! sangat lawa!!! I love pink, but with this heels, the mustard colour one is nicer. It cost around RM100 plus if I'm not mistaken. gorgeous.I just can't take my eyes of the flower details..feminine sangat!

And I also found this lovely yellow ruffled blouse than can go along with the shoe above. Imagine you wearing the top with jeans and the heels...dreamy dreamy :)

The price in the shop are quite pricey, the top alone is at 200. Why oh why!

So, my birthday was in April right...but that doesn't mean I can't receive birthday presents! ha ha! my dear cousins gave me these cute little stuff for my guys have to look at the pictures first ;P

cute polka dots box! 


yayyyy, i love it already

gorgeous bangles from forever 21!

yayyy, boyshort panty for me

thank you cousins!

And this is my package of Elianto product that I bought for a customer. I have quite a lot of packages for my customers, but this one I heart most, cause got the foodball fever coupon in it too from Oldtown. I also add  samples for her. Thank you Zila :)

under the sachet of samples are the e/s she bought

owh and......GERMANY BOYS KICK ASS!!! 4-1 :D


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just as my luck :D

Who would have thought that a person could get good news maybe because of her luck in 3 days in a row.

So, to make long long long story short, I got these below to make me smiles sampai ke telinga  :D

1. Won Lasenza Facebook contest RM100 cash voucher
2. Got invitation to an event at Apartment, KLCC (goodie bag!)
3. Got invitation to Body Shop & Sex and The City Premier at Pavilion (goodie bag! refreshments! complimentary popcorn!)
4. Got free Forest's Secret body lotion with purchased of one box of chocolate (only RM4 after 70% less) - the body lotion is actually a gift for RM30 purchased.

All those things happen in just a few days. I'm the most happiest girl during the semester break...agagaga...I told Fatin that something bad might come to me as I don't deserve all this nicest thing and that it happened in a short time...but she said something nicer to me that make me ponder:
"maybe, kau pernah buat baik kat orang ke ape2, and this is your reward, jangan pikir negative"
that leaves me with a big smile :)

Mari lihat camwhoring pictures :D

what im wearing:
inner scarf:
scarf: a stall at parking lot area at alpha angle
top: MNG
inner top: Kirana
boho skirt: Somerset Bay (bday gift)
sandal: Vincci

necklace: flea market at Seremban
ring: D'rias (gift from D'rias owner herself...ehem ehem)
watch: guess
handbag: India mari (gift from sister)

The freebies got from Apartment event, until now I;m not sure what the name of the event..haha..
RMK and Issey Miyake samples, vouchers from Miss Sixty, BCBG, RMK

I was the first to arrive...see pictures for prove :D

But unfortunately, my friend Fatin had to go back to her office, and I had to follow her. So we missed the whole event *sob sob*

At the Body Shop SATC premier. They even serve light and Fatin were hungry so we ate and ate at the party..LOL...after a few minutes, we went down to Lasenza to collect for my cash voucher that I've won! what a day! pheww.

Fatin with our complimentary Popcorn set and movie tickets to Sex and The City

we also got this goodie bag from Body shop, comprising, a cute pouch bag, Delipscious lipstick, coupon booklet (the black one) and also one pamphlet for the new product, Delipscious

inside the pamphlet also have 3 recipes! wise ;)

yayy, my RM100 cash voucher!

so I spend it on these!!! had to top up RM13 for the white panty..lovely lovely purchase :D

this is the chocolate I bought at PWTC  and the lotion for free!! i luv free stuffs :D

now who says everything has to pay in this world ;)

yayy .. i luv my semester break...full of free stuffs in it. LOL


Beautilicious Palette/Kit at Elianto Warehouse sale

I must do update on this..
This is the  most beautiful and useful and affordable palette you will ever seen besides Stila sale ages ago :D

Eye Opener Kit

Jelly Beans Lip Palette

The Retro Kit

Baby Doll Kit

Thanks to Elianto warehouse sale, now you can get your hands on this for only RM15 each! no kidding!

Beautilicious other promotion is Buy1 free 1 for any e/s single colour (RM3 each) and also for their Maxi Pie Pan Case (RM25.90 retail) & Mini Pie Pan Case (RM15.90 retail)
Mini pie 3/es compartment

Maxi pie 6/es compartment

Single e/s

E/s colours (at the warehouse sale,not all the colours available)

My offer for  personal shopper service is still valid until Sunday.
Leave me a message at the comment box if interested. 


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updated Watson Warehouse Sale

Watson Hair Treatment Wax 
$3 pertube

expiry date for this treatment wax is 2012

Watson Body Scrub

expiry date for this body scrub is on 2013

Durex massage mousse

Solait Kids Sunblock

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner

Living Proof Skin care

Living Proof Cleansing Gel 

Hair cream

Tea Trea Concealer Stick and Spot Stick 
$3 each

expiry date for both are on 2012

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes 

Tea Tree Moisturizing Face Gel 

Tea Tree Moisturizing Face Gel 

Natural High Cleansing wipes

Natural High Face Wash (also got face scrub)

Optimum Night cream

Denim perfume for men

Watson brand for toe separator, eyebrow brush, cuticle clipper, nipple tape, small mirror, etc
$3 each

Koi Blue e/s palette

the colour for blue casing

Koi Pink e/s palette

haha, same colours inside! 

So, that is pretty much what they still have at Watson warehouse sale now.
I'm taking orders and remember I can only go if there is more than 10 orders total from different people at me.
Terms and condition applies.The expiry dates mostly are within 2013 so you don't have to worry on that. 

Same personal shopper service goes to Elianto warehouse sale.
But for this, I can take even 1 order :P
Lemme know soon, as the warehouse sales ends on the 20th .
You can leave your contact at the comment box ;)