Saturday, June 05, 2010

InTrend Magazine Freebies!!!

My friends and I went to OU today to join the InTrend Magazine anniversary event. Basically, what you have to do to get goodie bag from them (yes goodie bag!) is to show them the redeem page in the magazine. Buy InTrend June (cover page with Fasha Sandha and owh-so-hot-and-sexy Remy Ishak!)

I bought InTrend June because of Remy (hehehe) and because I need some reading material for my KTM journey to Ipoh.

I love love love the goodies...especially after I missed the Youth10 event at PWTC last week where I got to know there's also goodies up for grabs...really cool one...dapat contact lense free ok! nak!!

Enjoy the pictures :D
the table for redeem goodie bag

InTrend full supporter :D

InTrend oh InTrend

mereka sedang kusyuk isi borang

tangan je thumbs up, tapi actually, adik yang melayu tu picit mesti lagi best! this is the free shoulder massage.

free express manicure!

first clean kan

lepas letak coat ape ntah, letak lah nail polis kegemaran anda, i tried on red!

listening to what ever she had to say

listening to whatever she had to say Pt2

aishah,"aten, murah lah! jom jom...syok jugak masuk spa satu hari"

hand candle wax.I don't like this part as i have to move all my accessories on hand. 

 what i got!

i bought this for RM10 (ori price rm16 cm tuh)...been looking for facial spray that is affordable, convenient and effective.

nail polish kaler merah


p/s: tak abis exam lagi, blog kejap :D

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