Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just as my luck :D

Who would have thought that a person could get good news maybe because of her luck in 3 days in a row.

So, to make long long long story short, I got these below to make me smiles sampai ke telinga  :D

1. Won Lasenza Facebook contest RM100 cash voucher
2. Got invitation to an event at Apartment, KLCC (goodie bag!)
3. Got invitation to Body Shop & Sex and The City Premier at Pavilion (goodie bag! refreshments! complimentary popcorn!)
4. Got free Forest's Secret body lotion with purchased of one box of chocolate (only RM4 after 70% less) - the body lotion is actually a gift for RM30 purchased.

All those things happen in just a few days. I'm the most happiest girl during the semester break...agagaga...I told Fatin that something bad might come to me as I don't deserve all this nicest thing and that it happened in a short time...but she said something nicer to me that make me ponder:
"maybe, kau pernah buat baik kat orang ke ape2, and this is your reward, jangan pikir negative"
that leaves me with a big smile :)

Mari lihat camwhoring pictures :D

what im wearing:
inner scarf:
scarf: a stall at parking lot area at alpha angle
top: MNG
inner top: Kirana
boho skirt: Somerset Bay (bday gift)
sandal: Vincci

necklace: flea market at Seremban
ring: D'rias (gift from D'rias owner herself...ehem ehem)
watch: guess
handbag: India mari (gift from sister)

The freebies got from Apartment event, until now I;m not sure what the name of the event..haha..
RMK and Issey Miyake samples, vouchers from Miss Sixty, BCBG, RMK

I was the first to arrive...see pictures for prove :D

But unfortunately, my friend Fatin had to go back to her office, and I had to follow her. So we missed the whole event *sob sob*

At the Body Shop SATC premier. They even serve light and Fatin were hungry so we ate and ate at the party..LOL...after a few minutes, we went down to Lasenza to collect for my cash voucher that I've won! what a day! pheww.

Fatin with our complimentary Popcorn set and movie tickets to Sex and The City

we also got this goodie bag from Body shop, comprising, a cute pouch bag, Delipscious lipstick, coupon booklet (the black one) and also one pamphlet for the new product, Delipscious

inside the pamphlet also have 3 recipes! wise ;)

yayy, my RM100 cash voucher!

so I spend it on these!!! had to top up RM13 for the white panty..lovely lovely purchase :D

this is the chocolate I bought at PWTC  and the lotion for free!! i luv free stuffs :D

now who says everything has to pay in this world ;)

yayy .. i luv my semester break...full of free stuffs in it. LOL



Eli Zulkalfy said...

very lucky! best nye harimm...

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

best nye, nak la senza jugek, T-T

Jessying said...

haha , the Apartment event is name Indulgence darling.. aiyak u cabut liao ka ?Didnt see you that day !

harim hamdan said...

yaa, had too..if not my friend kene marah dengan bos .
how was the whole event? best tak?
i came early, and cabut 10 minutes before start..

Sherry said...

congrats sis where you get the sling bag so cute,so colourful :D

Harim Hamdan said...

Its a gift from my sister. She bought it in India.
Thank you Sherry...

anyz n asmyra said...

im ur follower too now...nway, pls visit my blog, direct selling ke? cntk brg2 tu

Anonymous said...

hye....pls visit to my blog n be my follower....tq