Monday, June 28, 2010

My Beautilicious Haul and All That's In Between

This would be my first Beautilicious product.
I have been eyeing on their product since forever, the cute packaging reminds me of Stila.
Therefore, during the Elianto warehouse sale, I get the chance to get some of the e/s. I also bought the Eye Opener Kit, but later on decided to give it to my auntie for her friend's birthday. So this are the only thing left at me.

I love the colour I picked as I don't have most of it.

In the meantime, was walking at Ampang Point last weekend when I spotted this beauutiful heels at one of the shop there! sangat lawa!!! I love pink, but with this heels, the mustard colour one is nicer. It cost around RM100 plus if I'm not mistaken. gorgeous.I just can't take my eyes of the flower details..feminine sangat!

And I also found this lovely yellow ruffled blouse than can go along with the shoe above. Imagine you wearing the top with jeans and the heels...dreamy dreamy :)

The price in the shop are quite pricey, the top alone is at 200. Why oh why!

So, my birthday was in April right...but that doesn't mean I can't receive birthday presents! ha ha! my dear cousins gave me these cute little stuff for my guys have to look at the pictures first ;P

cute polka dots box! 


yayyyy, i love it already

gorgeous bangles from forever 21!

yayyy, boyshort panty for me

thank you cousins!

And this is my package of Elianto product that I bought for a customer. I have quite a lot of packages for my customers, but this one I heart most, cause got the foodball fever coupon in it too from Oldtown. I also add  samples for her. Thank you Zila :)

under the sachet of samples are the e/s she bought

owh and......GERMANY BOYS KICK ASS!!! 4-1 :D


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