Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watson Warehouse Sale

Watson warehouse sale started from early june (lupe la tarikh) until this 20th.

I have never been to this sale before so, I took the chance to luksie2 of what the sale's all about.

Let the picture do the talking :D

the crowd around 9.45am

massive crowd...even when the door was open, everyone was rushing running in...gile okay! 

tengah sibok mengira bape banyak nak beli...ya, the crowd grab everything in one box, ape dapat kat tangan, tu yang derang kaut..so, bile da penoh box, baru derang duduk2 kat lantai and kira2 mane yang nk :|

vitamins...we borong a lot of vitamin..of course, always check with the expiry date.

i heart this makeup set...its Koi makeup set that is available at Watson. this one only for RM10. it has around 10 or more e/s colours. I think the pink one is the warm colour and blue is the cool colour...if i buy, when i will use them? pondering pondering :(

Innershine at RM15

Adidas perfume and deodorant at RM15, retail at Watson RM25 kot.

The Adidas set deodorant and perfume for men

Cucumber face scrub

Chocolates! we don't buy chocolates, cause we have splurge at vitamins...haha

nailclipper, brushes, small mirror,etc at RM3 each i think. sorry, forgot how much :P

CNY pillow?? hmmm...mari borong!

so, basically that was what they sell on the first day..there were many other things like lotion, shampoo, pads, face masque, chocolates, candies, bedroom slippers, condoms, lubricant, etc etc...gila banyak okay! you wanna see our haul? 

Unfortunately I miss place the pictures in my laptop...nanti I will look and see if got ya.

So, the above story was a week ago...during the first day of the sale. Today, after submitting my last assignment at my lecturer, me and mom decided to drop by at the sale again...he he he...and look what I got :P

this is the haul for today, 
from left:Koi makeup set-rm5
 Evening Primrose Oil -rm10
Beautilicious eye majic wonder eyes instant e/s - 33cents (no kidding!)
Watson's body scrub - rm5
Beauty Formula Facial scrub - rm3

yayy! finally i got my hands on this darling. i have been eyeing on this baby for quite sometimes...but look at the retail price..rm33! but at watson's warehouse sale, i only got it for 33cents! can u believe it? i cant wait to use it...i will let u know when i use it ;) it has 3 wonder eyes inside.
this is how the wonder eyes looks like, and how to apply it

this wonder eyes are on sell at the Elianto warehouse sale too, but the 3in1 pack is at rm7 if im not mistaken, and the single pack is at rm3. and i got the 3in1 pack for 33cents :D

these are my auntie's. the body and facial scrub.

Koi, with the cute packaging... this make up set comprise of 10 colours e/s and 4 colours of lipgloss.only rm5

the palette 

gorgeous isn't it :D

i think the colours are suitable for everyday use...i heart this kind of tones

the lip colours also quite nice...well, for my skin tone, maybe i'll avoid the second pink colour..hehe..

okay, because i love Watson's warehouse sale, i'm offering my personal shopper service for this one too ;)
but I only can go there if I got more than 5 orders...leave your contact at comment box if interested.

the other day, i went out with mom and nicky, i wore this...

inner scarf: najjah.com
wrap around scarf: india mari(gift from sister)
cardigan: cotton on(bday present)
inner: randomly pick from reject shop
jeans: my old padini authentics...really old almost got tear on the thigh

necklace: some flea market somewhere forgot
bangle: some flea market some more
watch: guess
handbag: old stuff too from padini with random scarf wrap around it
shoe: vincci

hmm, this is fun...i shall do this often, putting up what im wearing every now and then :D

tomorrow sister and mama are going to sabah for a short holiday.bring me back pearls! :D


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